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The Circular Economy and What Fashion Has to Do With it


The Spring Summer Fashion Week Roundup You Need to See
Fashion brands have returned to the catwalks and digital spaces to reveal their ready-to-wear collections for Spring Summer 22 in true pre-COVID style.
Why We Can’t Get Enough Vegan Leather in Our Closets
Vegan leather is a viable alternative that’s changing the game—offering all of the style and quality of animal leather and a more ethical journey to your closet.
The Circular Economy and What Fashion Has to Do With it
It’s an ecosystem that once only existed in our imaginations, simply because there was no pressing need for it. But faced with the environmental concerns and global challenges that we can no longer deny, pioneering brands and consumers are driving the change towards a different mindset.
When Modest Fashion Went Mainstream
Modest fashion? What’s modest fashion? Just a few years ago there may not have been any definitive answer to that question, but today, we can confidently point to the catwalks in the world’s biggest fashion capitals and say, “that’s modest fashion.”
Pride Fashion to be Proud of
Brands are pledging their profits to organizations that make a difference to a community that was and still is marginalized. Here’s your chance to shop them now.
Rise of Genderless Fashion
In an age where binary thinking is being radically challenged, and with it, the very foundational notion of gender, genderless fashion is taking to the catwalks, the gala events, the offices and the streets. What a time to be alive.
Fabulous, forever, finery, the finishing touch
Handmade jewellery has that stamp of individuality, and each piece is infused with the hands-on craftsmanship and passion of its maker and can capture the trends of the moment and be made into a piece that can be passed on for generations to come.
Trending activewear
Look out for asymmetry, cut-outs, multi-strapping, jumpsuits inspired by the ballet unitards, active pieces can be dressed up with a vegan leather jacket or dressed down with chunky trainers … read on
The Gentrification of the Thrifting Industry
Thrifting today is a far cry from what it once was. It’s all good and well to say we should shop second-hand and buy vintage. But what happens when the industry becomes gentrified? Give us your opinion on this read.
The Best Fashion Collabs of 2021
Big and niche brands are joining forces in bringing you never-to-be-repeated fashion you will lust after.
The Pantone Whiteout
Off-white is the non-colour of the year. 2021, the year of rebirth. Your guide to on-trend pieces you can shop now.
Upcycling, vintage, pre-loved, sustainability is this the future of fashion?
Upcycling fashion gives new life to old items by combining used materials to create vibrant new ones, like old sweaters being unravelled and the yarn being refashioned into new ones!
Perfectly Pretty Pastels
The pastel trend will dominate this year, have fun, be whimsical, choose pieces that make you happy- be it a boyfriend jacket, trench coat or ruffle dress, own the look!
Ode to linen
Want to know the A-Z of Linen? An ancient fabric that is fast becoming considered as the textile of the future. Linen has been given a chic makeover, see ANTIQUITY meet MODERNITY.
Fashion footwear activism
Aspire to be an ECO warrior? Innovative footwear brands like Adidas, Nike and Stella McCartney are pushing boundaries to produce alternative leathers using apples, mushrooms, cactus and pineapples.
Which countries are leading the charge towards more sustainable fashion?
According to the Business Research Company, the market for sustainable fashion is expected to grow to a value of $9.81 billion in 2025, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.1%.  It’s an encouraging prediction. Here are some of the countries and regions that are leading the charge towards making this estimation a reality.
Cool Cotton, cool choice or not?
The focus to save our planet and environment is gaining momentum. The keyword to live by today is sustainability.
Style Trends 2021 - Redefined
Part of this awareness requires us to question our personal commitment to saving our planet and environment, re-evaluate efficiencies around our resource usage especially water and how we dispose of unwanted items and on a more personal note, to understand the true ‘cost of fast fashion’ versus beautifully made clothing.
Fashion Loves the Ocean
Feel good in fashion with a purpose. We are starting to ask more questions around the subject of raw materials and ingredients and their sources. Brands have been forced to become more transparent, enabling consumers to make educated and informed decisions around sustainability.
To shoulder or not to shoulder
One of the mainstream fashion trends for the season are ‘statement shoulders’ – is it a throwback or does it have a fresh viewpoint?
‘EXPLORE’- all things RED
Red is a showstopping colour, it is also on its way to becoming this season’s boldest trend to create a style statement that packs a punch. So, if there was ever a time to rock a pair of red pants with a red blazer, red top and shoes, the time is NOW.
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