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6 reasons to love florals


Petite Gardens
City living doesn’t mean you have to be surrounded with bricks and concrete- bring nature into your urban space with plants on your balcony, rooftop or atrium- no matter the size of the space, there is a creative gardening solution to bring in some greenery and create an urban oasis.
Clean Green
Think you've got cleaning covered? Perhaps not- there are several spaces in the home that are often overlooked and are germ hotspots! Now is the perfect time to switch to an organic, non-toxic product containing all-natural ingredients that will leave your home clean & fresh and won't harm you or the planet.
Greer’s Decor Edit
My selection of Plain Tiger decor and homeware pieces that tick all the boxes when it comes to a stylish yet practical and conscious home.
A Blooming Marvellous collaboration
Plain Tiger X House & Leisure have curated a collection of homeware pieces inspired by their Spring Issue: Bloom. All pieces are locally designed & made and uphold the sustainability criteria that Plain Tiger advocate, offering customers the opportunity to enjoy a luxury shopping experience that is kinder to the world.
Holistic Home and Beauty Rituals
Ever wondered how the tides and moon cycles affect our mood and when (and how) to incorporate essential oils into your home and beauty rituals? We chatted to Nicole, the founding owner of Petrichor Oils about this and you might be surprised by her answer.
Why Old is Now New
As the saying goes- one man’s trash is another man’s treasure- and this is so true with upcycling which re-uses materials in a creative way to create modified products and extend their lifespan. Now more than ever, brands are finding innovative ways to elevate this trend to a stylish new level.
The Boom of the Global Wellness Industry
Long gone are the days when eating 5 fruits & vegetables per day were good enough to set you up for life in the contemporary world. The wellness industry has made significant shifts to cater for our changing needs, to the tune of almost $2 trillion. Here are the latest trends in health, nutrition, beauty, sleep, mindfulness and fitness.
How to obtain the Danish trend - Hygge - in your home
Hygge, pronounced "hoo-gah", is a Danish trend that has seen a lot of airwaves of late and with good reason. It's a movement encouraging you to create a calm space promoting cosiness, sharing between friends and family and a space that speaks of tranquility and the simple pleasures of life.
How Green is Your Screen?
We, as digital natives, digital nomads and digitally-conscious beings, need to remember that everything comes at a cost. Building a digital economy is no exception.
Functions with a conscience
With the rise in conscious consumerism, and drive to minimize impact on the environment, there’s a move towards events that are designed to minimise their carbon footprint. From corporate events to weddings, you can find ways to do this, from making use of technology to greener venue choices, without compromising on luxury.
6 reasons to love florals
There’s just something about floral designs that appeals to us. They represent nature and the natural world, being on trend means they are increasingly accessible and they tend to evoke a sense of calm and familiarity which is especially attractive in times of stress and uncertainty.
Eco-friendly decor materials

My couch is made from mango - nope, this isn't slang for something, but really it's a fact. With the stratospheric rise in the adaptability of the plant-based diet, we've also seen this ethos filter into other lifestyle aspects.

Décor Trends - Mid-year update
We’re fast approaching mid-year, and some very distinct decor trends have emerged. As always, these are fueled by fashion trends that translate into décor with time.
Detoxify your life
With the move to cleaner living and mindfulness of our own and the wellbeing of our environment - we’ve seen a pivot to a detox movement that affects all categories of life - take note of small changes you can make to lead to a nontoxic lifestyle.
The people behind the brand
Basket weaving is an art form, expressed in the intricate ins and outs of the raw material. At Paarl Basket, that raw material is, “kooboo” a form of rattan cane that is renowned for its durability and flexibility.
Hands up for handmade
Handcrafted and speciality skills are back and with the addition of innovation are better than ever. With the rise in conscious consumerism, there is a revival of traditional artisanal skills and techniques, respect for material integrity, and newfound appreciation for organic-like materials like wood and linen.
Repurposing old and vintage furniture
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure has never rang more true than it does now. There’s been a rise in demand for second hand, vintage and antique furniture and also fashion pieces.
Biophilic design - What is it?
Feeling stressed and fatigued? it could be that you subconsciously need to reconnect with nature- tough to do when you live in the city, but Biophilic design can help.
Wellness trends that are changing the way we see health
In years gone by, wellness and medicine seemed synonymous, but over time, wellness has come to mean so much more than physical health. and in fact, the link between physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is becoming clearer.
4 global trends I’m loving right now
The only way to make sure my space reflects the zeitgeist but doesn’t date, is to make sure I have a good mix of what’s hot right now and design pieces that never age. When it comes to the latter, I’m talking about white linen, an oriental rug and gilded mirrors. Got those? Great. Now let’s talk about trends shall we?
Crystals are an intrinsic part of Feng Shui and have been for hundreds of years.
Crystals are an intrinsic part of feng shui and have been for hundreds of years.
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