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Exploring The Art of Perfumery


Skin Deep with the Beauty Banker
Deep dive into the world of skincare with expert tips from one of the best beauty aficionados in the banking business, Sandy Fernando.
4 Festive Eye looks to try this holiday season.
Raine Tauber runs us through her four favourite beauty trends for the festive season that are easy to try and fun to wear.
Exploring The Art of Perfumery
Scents & Sensibility - The World of Niche Fragrances. A fragrance takes you back to a memory so personal; it almost allows you to travel in time. As the world moves towards a ‘less is more' approach to goods, we are fortunate to experience the true concept of niche perfumes.
Championing UAE Beauty Brands
This year’s UAE National Day celebrations sees the beautiful Emirates turning a milestone 50. And what better way to honor our hometown than by pampering ourselves with holistic mists, citrusy scents, and cruelty-free makeup buys that are made right here in Dubai? The perfect way to #supportlocal this year.
Alexandra’s Beauty Edit
We talk to the co-founder of Plain Tiger, and beauty enthusiast Alexandra Baillie about her favourite beauty finds - bought, tested and recommended to her friends and family. Grab a cup of tea, you won’t want to miss this!
Free Radicals and their link to ageing
Free Radicals exist in our environment and are found in the food, water and medicines we take. Your body produces them as a byproduct of your metabolism and as part of the natural ageing process. The air we breathe, and our friend Mr Sun is also a culprit, but here are steps to start the prevention and curing process.
All you need to know about Crystal & Gem infused beauty care
Self-care, grounded in traditional & spiritual practices, has increased in popularity. We are seeing a growing awareness of crystals and their benefits, and now this extends to your beauty routine. Discover Crystal & Gem infused beauty care and the benefits of incorporating these into your beauty and skincare routine.
Overnight Beauty Products that Dreams are Made of
As part of a holistic approach to life, it’s important that we take time to care for our body, mind, soul and skin, but with our busy schedules and always-on-the-go lifestyle, time is precious.
The [Skin’s] Microbiome - Our Deepest Connection
The skin has a living microbial layer, and we’re exploring ways to use this knowledge to our advantage. New research, having blown the lid off the scientific world’s understanding of the microbial universe, offers a more realistic insight into how we can heal skin conditions through its bacteria.
Unique Skincare Ingredients from Africa
It’s no surprise that Africa also plays host to incredible, natural, ingredients used in many beauty products across the globe. Here, we have identified the top 5 we love - all from our gorgeous Africa.
Our Top 10 under the radar beauty products
We have rounded up 10 of our most loved beauty products for this month. Get excited - here we identify their key benefits and how you can incorporate them into your day to day.
Skincare acids and what they do
Most of you will be familiar with BHA, AHA, PHA and HAs for their exfoliating and hydrating properties, but did you know of the additional benefits with improved cell turnover? These acids have the power to give you an almost instant glow, minimise fine lines, diminish brown spots and attack those pesky pimples.
Caring for your body this winter!
When winter approaches, we naturally reach for wool coats, boots, scarves and beanies - but it’s not only your wardrobe that needs a change in season, your skin also needs protection.
The 101 on Collagen
Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, making up a ⅓ of its entire protein composition. It is one of the main building blocks of bones, muscles, tendons, skin, ligaments and can also be found in blood vessels, teeth and your corneas!
What is Face Gua Sha?
What exactly is facial Gua Sha? Long before Gua Sha became a fashionable tool, it was an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years.
What is Small Batch production and why is it important
Small batch production has really taken off these last 2-3 years with local businesses taking the lead. From decor to beauty to food brands, we are seeing a huge shift in expectation from consumers as well as brands leading the process.
Heal your skin from within with these superfoods
For years we have known that it's not only what we put onto our skin that affects us in a positive or negative manner, but it's also what we put into our bodies that impacts how it reacts. Similar to that of skincare labels and understanding its ingredients, it's important to know how certain foods can elevate your skin.
Clean Beauty: All you need to know
Clean beauty seems pretty self explanatory and straight-forward, however this is, in actual fact not the case. With words such as green, natural and organic we are often misled into thinking a product is ‘clean’ without checking the (gasp!) label!
What does slow made mean for beauty?
Slow beauty is the new clean beauty and it’s a movement that’s here to stay! We breathe and think in a world of fast-paced living, working and instant gratification, but 2020 has taught us to slow down in various aspects of our lives.
4 ways to turn your beauty routine into a self-care ritual
Your beauty routine exists to keep you looking great but it can also help you feel great. Here are four easy ways to turn your regimen into a self-care ritual
4 ways to turn your average bath into the soak of your dreams
There are few things in life more relaxing than a long soak in the tub. It not only performs part of our basic body-care routines but can also be a way to practise self-care. And, if you can’t go to the spa for a pick-me-up, bring the spa to you! Here’s how to upgrade your bath for ultimate relaxation.
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