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Plain Tiger Discovers Expo 2020


In celebration of 24 October: United Nations Day
This year, in honour of United Nations Day, we deemed it essential to talk about the fact that sustainability is about people and the planet. UNESCO defines sustainable development as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Lorne Jewellery
Lorne is the unplanned accidents inspired by the twists and turns of life. Lorne’s pieces are mangled and misshapen, their beauty defined by their uniqueness. Warped and tangled brass, squeezed into an endless array of shapes. Sketches and doodles in metal, as spontaneous as they are unrepeatable - are given new life.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: l u • c i e e
In the Indian Ocean, where an azure sky overlooks forested volcanic mountains and coral reefs, is an Indonesian island, Bali. It’s earned acclaim as a global travel destination that epitomises everything people have come to love about the tropics. But for l u • c i e e founder, Lucie Kucharova, Bali is so much more.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Skinny laMinx
Who can resist a cheerful pop of colour in a striking graphic print? The Skinny laMinx brand and products ranging from scatter cushions to aprons are synonymous with feel-good vibes and ensure top levels of quality, environmental sustainability, and social upliftment.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Laya
Designing & producing sustainable fashion is not a tick-box exercise. It's a deep-seated philosophy that underpins everything from the chosen textiles, the carbon emissions of production processes, and employees' working conditions. It's a philosophy upon which Laya, founder Witney Tucker has built a brand.
Plain Tiger Discovers Expo 2020
EXPO 2020’s primary goal is to have a sustainable impact on the future of the UAE and the world, so it’s no surprise Plain Tiger is inspired by its mission.
Plain Tiger brands give back to the environment
Our “environment is no one’s property to destroy; it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect” has never rang more true than now, says Author, Journalist, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur - Mohith Agadi. We need to cherish and protect the world we live in - not for now, but for our future generations - to enjoy.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: NICASCONCEPT
NICA is a brand founded by sisters Nika & Carolina, who followed in their mother's footsteps, who owned two top fashion boutiques in Austria. Their vision goes beyond making beautiful accessories to giving back to a cause that resonates with their philosophy of giving a piece of fabric a second life.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Rut Essentials
Essential oils have been recognised for centuries for their many benefits to general health and wellbeing, Rut Essentials, founded in Beirut, produce an impressive collection of pure, undiluted essential oils designed to treat insomnia, headaches, enhance concentration and relaxation, and so much more.
Meet the Waste-led Game-changers of the Fashion Industry
Brands are becoming more eco-conscious and incorporating sustainable practices in their manufacturing processes with a keen focus on fabrics. Meet the brands that turn bottles into fitness apparel and create fabric out of books.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: ALBIVA Skincare
Albiva’s products are designed to activate the skin’s natural ability to repair itself and empower its customers to use and combine their products as they need them. Discover this unique skincare brand that makes skin beautiful and keeps you healthy, and improves your quality of life.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Cute-Saint
Cute-Saint was launched in 2019 with a specific goal in mind – to put real, African narratives in the spotlight through colour, texture, shape and line. It debuted at Fashion’s Finest Africa in Lagos and as they say, the rest is history.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Licious
Licious is a successful small batch luxury skin care brand offering high quality products which uses natural ingredients and essential oils blended to nourish and feed your skin. Redefine the art of bathing with the ultimate home spa experience.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Wass
Cape-Town based brand, Wass is the embodiment of one designer’s penchant for creative expression. Currently, that expression has materialised in a brand that sells both small-batch fashion and skincare that’s best characterised as ‘skin food’.
The Resurgence of Made to Order Fashion
The processes and systems of fast fashion retailers are being called into question and there’s a radical shift towards the age-old axiom, “quality over quantity.” Re-enter the new age of made to order fashion.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: VIVIERS
Concept clothing brand, VIVIERS recently became part of the Plain Tiger stable. The captivating collection of garments, made by artisans in Johannesburg, captures the energy of the City of Gold in what can only be described as “fashionable art.”
Why Everyone's Talking About Net Zero and What It Is
As a global community we stand at a tipping point where we have a small but significant window of opportunity to turn things around for the planet and its people. We’re proud to say that Plain Tiger supports the movement towards a more sustainable earth by employing a three-part strategy to achieve carbon negativity.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Little Things Studio
In the range, you will find no shortage of colour, pattern, texture or form although beiges and blacks certainly have a place. This vivacious design character embodies the dynamism and energy of India.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Sanct
Sanct is a visual comment on the difficult and evolving relationship between fashion and sustainability. It’s a discussion we should all be a part of. Sustainability is the golden thread that closes the life cycle loop of every Sanct design from pattern to packaging.
Towards the Greater Good
On 18 July every year, the world unites in solidarity to celebrate Nelson Mandela Day. We’d like to give the following brands a shout-out for their continuing dedication to producing conscious luxury, and specifically for their contribution to the business landscape in Nelson Mandela’s former home, South Africa.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: MMxMS
One year ago, MMxMS (an initialism for Modest Mags x Modern Steph) was little more than a good idea shared between two fashion designers from two very different academic and social backgrounds. Today, it’s a brand that has come to epitomise luxurious, modest-wear, that appeals to women who prioritise comfort but who also want their clothing to exude a sense of feminine power.