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The 5 hottest trends in sustainable fashion


Plain Tiger Spotlight: Briiv
Briiv bottles the aesthetic of the natural environment while also harnessing its unmatched ability to produce the very substance that keeps our hearts pumping. You could think of it as the futuristic version of the beloved household plant.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Muulin
Muulin is undeniably Scandi in its design approach. Its designs are urbane and sophisticated, erring forever on the side of simplicity with not a hint of pretense or extravagance. It’s clothing that’s designed for the long haul – inspired by the perfection of today but in anticipation of an eternity of tomorrows.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Ixora
IXORA has taken off in the Middle East and has been featured in several leading media titles. Its rise in popularity is indicative of the fact that ‘organic,’ is no longer a trend, but a lifestyle choice that’s here to stay. And in this arena, IXORA thrives.
The 5 hottest trends in sustainable fashion
Consider for a moment how many people were talking the language of eco-friendly fashion just a few years ago, compared to how ubiquitous the movement has become in several parts of the world. These are the trends that have dominated the industry in 2022.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Stain
We love that “stain” cannot be removed from the concept of sustainability. Whether this play on words was something intentional or whether it just happened by chance, it’s the perfect way to represent the fact that Stain was (and still is) a product of the sustainable fashion movement.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Thalie Paris
‘Sublimated circularity’ is the term that is used to convey the brand’s manifesto. Thalie Paris is on a mission to elevate sustainable fashion, to draw out the luxury that lies in conscious living and to demonstrate that sustainability is not a ‘constraint to creativity’, but a catalyst of it.
Blockchain technology and the future of fashion
With the global call for industries like fashion to become more accountable to consumers, blockchain couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Sustainable fashion brands now have the opportunity to back up their narratives with a legitimate data trail that anyone can access, at any time, from anywhere.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Advait
Advait was launched in 2022 by Advaitha Ravishankar as a brand that would exist at the intersection of fine art and fashion. And when you browse the collection, you’ll realise that there is simply no better way to describe the trademark Advait aesthetic.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Float
Float was started by two childhood friends, Keegan Foreman and Matteo Viotti who wanted to build a brand that connected the worlds of fashion, art, design, photography, music and videography. It’s a brand that ‘floats between worlds’ – hence the name.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Shekudo
Shekudo is a brand for people who have tapped into life’s potential and tuned into themselves. It’s about fashion and aesthetic but it’s also about an outward expression of soul – the African soul.
Living Your Best Life, Now.
Franziska Pannicke expertise is helping High Achievers leave their comfort zone to go for what they really desire in their professional and personal lives, and live an extraordinary life. Her coaching is about breaking mental boundaries, exploring new edges, and gaining a renewed sense of confidence and clarity.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Love Change
Dhirta’s mission and design philosophy has always been to stay far away from the copy-and-paste aesthetics that abound on the shelves and racks of conventional clothing brands.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Granadilla Swim
In a very tangible sense, Granada Swim is a brand that captures the energy and passion of South Africans, who are known for their love of the wild outdoors.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: KJ Serums
Kathryn dreamed of creating a skincare brand that was both ‘clean and effective’. That was the beginning of KJ Serums, a brand founded in 2017 to bring women (and men!) products that harness the efficacy of fresh, active ingredients.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Amadeus
The ‘democratisation’ of the fashion industry, specifically jewellery, has been at the forefront of Nathalie Simond’s mind since she launched Amadeus in 2018. But, not at the cost of the environment or the artisans that apply their minds and talents to producing pieces that speak the language of luxury.
Worker wellbeing in the fashion industry: At the crux of the matter
Social justice issues around the working conditions and treatment of clothing factory workers worldwide have been bubbling under the surface for decades. For many, it was a problem in the developing world – far away from the glamorous world of fashion retailers. Sadly, it became ‘out of sight, out of mind.’
The future of the fashion industry’s C-suite
Once, profitability and sustainability were seen as mutually exclusive notions. Today, with slow but steady developments at leadership level, these notions are becoming synonymous. And we’re honoured to be a part of that change.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Mireia Playà
Mireia Playà set out to challenge the status quo by drawing on the knowledge and expertise of her father, the insights she’d garnered from her studies and her own personal flair for beautiful things. The rest, as they say, was history. Or rather, herstory.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Crystal Birch
You may have seen her designs on the heads of South African artists David Kramer, Jack Parow, Karen Zoid and Bonang Matheba – these trend-setters have become some of Crystal Birch’s biggest brand ambassadors. And dare I say, in her hats, they turn heads.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Ardmore
Ardmore is really the story of two women from different ends of the social spectrum and from different backgrounds, whose passion for art and creativity united them at a time in South African history when difference was feared instead of celebrated.
Daddy Cool
This Father’s Day, we discover the ups and downs of the joyful role of fatherhood, as one dad shares the moments that define what it means to be a father.
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