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World Water Day - Here’s how to get involved


Plain Tiger Spotlight: Umu Ora
Every single ingredient is traceable and every pair of hands that an Umu Ora product passes through is linked to the bigger picture – a better world, better business and more resourced local communities. It’s a simple philosophy, but it’s powerful, resonant and decidedly refreshing.
Get Fit for Summer
The words “beach body ready” can strike simultaneous pangs of joy and fear into the hearts of us making jet-set holiday plans. For most of us, it marks the inaugural outing of newly exposed arms, legs, and midriffs after months of hiding beneath layers. Here’s an expert’s take on how to get fit for summer…
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Cape Island
Born on the shores of Cape Town, South Africa, CAPE ISLAND is exo-luxe embodied – everything anyone could ever ask from a brand that captures the heart of the African narrative.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: BEEN LONDON
Today, BEEN LONDON handbags and accessories are an outward manifestation of an inward sense of purpose. It’s a brand that epitomises humanity’s struggle against the effects of climate change and the will of a team of individuals to apply a ‘zero waste’ approach to design.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: GUNAS
Handbags and accessories by GUNAS are the kind of items that will catch your eye even when the style is completely out of your comfort zone, because each design is so-darn-delightful.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Kat van Duinen
Kat van Duinen is about story-telling – sharing the African perspective with the world, becoming a pioneer in the local production space and driving change in the market for African luxury goods.
World Earth Day: Invest in Our Planet
This World Earth Day, we want to share the stories of the brands who are at the forefront of change. In this feature, we put the spotlight on four of our brands who are doing exceptional work in the sustainable fashion space.
Fashion Revolution Week is here
Fashion Revolution Week 2022 will run from 18-24 April. It is an annual campaign that brings together the world’s largest fashion activism movement for seven days of action. The movement calls for people to reimagine a just and equitable fashion system that is supportive of people and the planet.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Orchidbloom
Discover Orchibloom, a South African indie beauty brand that formulates and manufactures small batches using sustainable ingredients and plant actives, adding nourishment and goodness to the skin.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Votch
The Votch collection is minimalist, elegant and non-assuming. In a word, it’s simply ‘refreshing’. These timepieces are part of a developing circular economy – an economy that is at the centre of a new and exciting dispensation where we can enjoy fashion without the long-term ramifications on people and the planet.
Celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan
Enter the Holy month of Ramadan. We speak to three glamorous individuals who tell us how their lives get a mini makeover during the much-anticipated month. Discover how it’s all in the details, with beauty, style and décor uplifts.
The rise of impact investing
For sustainability activists, the rise of impact investing means that the private sector is suiting up and showing up in a way that supports the global movement to curb climate change and give previously underserved communities the impetus and resources they need to develop, grow and thrive.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: ARgENTUM
Whether you choose ARgENTUM for its science or its sustainability, it’s a brand that’s changing the way we see ourselves and reimagining the notion of what it means to be whole, healthy and happy. Now that’s a brand that’s beautiful.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: CABO
“CABO prints are timeless. They capture a yearning to return to a gentler, easier time and a deep connection to the natural world. Our clients are people who want to create their own cocooned oases – spaces that remember the old and welcome the new in a way that is classic and unmistakably stylish.”
It’s World Water Day on 22 March - Here’s What You can Do About it
This year’s theme for World Water Day is: “Groundwater - Making the Invisible Visible.” Groundwater is an invisible resource that supports all life on earth. With the onset of climate change, groundwater will become critical. Here are some super practical ways to do your bit on World Water Day (and beyond).
Mum’s the Word
Ahead of UAE Mother’s Day, we asked three pioneering women from across the creative industries to reflect on their motherhood journey…
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Dr Jackson’s
With a passion for plant-based traditional medicine, British skincare brand Dr Jackson is deeply rooted in natural ingredients. Here is why we champion them…
Plain Tiger Spotlight: EMILIA OHRTMANN
The EMILIA OHRTMANN collection is a sublime indulgence in the world of monochrome, underpinned by an appreciation for classic style. Each piece can be paired with a number of different items, creating endless opportunities to experiment, play and express your sense of individuality.
What climate change has to do with gender issues

The link between ecological challenges & women’s issues is about taking a step back to consider the bigger picture. A more equal, fair world is a more sustainable one. And to create that world, women need to be given a voice & equal influence when it comes to making difficult decisions that will change the world for the world for the better.

Eco-Tourism: First a Movement, then a Trend, now a Thriving Industry
In broad terms, eco-tourism refers to low-impact or responsible travel that involves the conservation of the environment and the sustenance and well-being of the local communities. One definition suggests that, “eco-tourism is about uniting conservation, communities, and sustainable travel.”
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Matter of Fakt
Most businesses derive from a personal problem without a practical solution, which rings true for the founder of Matter of Fakt - Mary-Anne Grobler. After searching far and wide for a show-stopping, larger-than-life natural–stone statement ring and not succeeding, Mary-Anne designed her own. Matter of Fakt was born!
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