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The 5 hottest trends in sustainable fashion


World Water Day 2023
World Water Day 2023 Save the date and make it count World Water Day; observed every year on 22 March, was established by the United Nations General Assembly to raise awareness around the need to conserve and protect natural water...
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Chamani
Every piece by Chamani is a staple – the item that will remain in your closet for a lifetime and can be passed down with pride to the next generation. Even with the changing eras and the passing of the trends, Chamani pieces retain their timelessness and trademark aesthetic as pieces that never go out of fashion.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Aquatic Creatures
The brand, fondly named after his mammalian muses, is called Aquatic Creatures. In the collection, you’ll find beautifully designed pieces of homeware – vases and cushions, valet trays and sets of tea cups – each piece an ode to Riccardo’s very own whimsical world.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: LOULOU DE LA FALAISE
The eponymous brand, Loulou de le Falaise is an ode to the creative muse of world-renowned designer, Yves Saint Laurent. Her long-time friend and business partner, Ariel de Ravenel now reproduces some of Loulou’s most iconic designs, adding in her artistic interpretations of classic Boho-chic jewellery pieces.
What does fashion have to do with feminism?
The harsh reality is that the fashion industry has failed women. And while no one can quite figure out how we got where we find ourselves today, we are undeniably here, at a turning point in history. And something’s got to give.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Sowvital

Sowvital’s got the creative energy we’ve always wanted in a premium plant care brand. Its packaging is beautifully designed for both function and form, with a trademark colour gradient and leaf-inspired logo that we like to think of as Mother Nature’s stamp of approval.

Plain Tiger Spotlight: AFLÉ
As a brand, AFLÉ is a symbol of women empowerment, and as Oukassa explains: “My jewellery designs are fashion intertwined with culture – modern in their aesthetic appeal but firmly rooted in ancestral history. AFLÉ is a celebration of the independence of women.”
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Aerangis
Aerangis is a brand that specialises in “scent stories.” Every candle in the range is inspired by a backstory that speaks the language of scent. And the people who buy their candles are just as invested in the functionality of the products as they are in the stories that afford them a sense of meaning and purpose.
A report-back on Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week
Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week made it indelibly clear that climate change is a complex problem. There are simply no “easy wins” or “quick fixes.” Any viable solution to these challenges must involve a multi-pronged approach that should materialise over an extended period of time, driven by consistent & practical action
Plain Tiger Spotlight: SEVDA LONDON
Vogue UK called SEVDA LONDON’s accessories the ‘sartorial equivalent of a detox,’ and described its handbags as ‘heirloom-worthy.’
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Appellation
Founder Michelle describes Appellation’s creative flair as “elevated whimsy.” It’s about “beautiful design and deriving meaning from design.” Along the way you’ll find nuances of Art Deco (an extension of Michelle’s Czech heritage), like the golden arch – an artistic flourish that symbolises a doorway to scent memory.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: SENTIENT
SENTIENT is a brand that understands and appreciates the centrality of fashion as a form of self-expression, but believes that that expression should reflect the changing values and needs of an evolving world.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Fitwood
These are pieces of workout gear that can be passed down, swapped, traded, recycled and repurposed. And they’re designed with the conscious family in mind – people who share the FitWood vision of bringing environmental sensitivity to the world of fitness.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Anima
The best way to describe Anima Active is to refer to it as a ‘brand born out of lived experience.’ Because for founder, Raquel Telo, activewear is something she has worn and tried and experimented with in her own life as a multi-disciplinary wellness fanatic.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Yodi
Yodi is about presenting an alternative to the modern-day obsession with ‘more,’ and its rigidity around adhering to the conventional. It’s about allowing skin to breathe, soak up the organic radiance and healing power of nature and to live, authentically and transparently.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Meus
Interestingly, the word ‘meus’ (pronounced may-yoos) is the Latin word for ‘mine,’ and for the brand it represents, it’s the perfect fit. Meus – to everyone who wears it, is a personal fashion statement – a move away from throwaway culture towards something more life-giving and supportive of life.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: KORISSA
In a world inundated with machine-powered, mass-production products, going back to a time when the things we owned and cherished were made by humans provides us with a reprieve from consumerism’s obsession with the next big thing.’ This is what the co-founders of KORISSA discovered for themselves first-hand.
Conscious consumerism is no longer just a buzzword
There is a general, prevailing sense that more consumers are joining the fray and appreciating their agency as individuals. But recent research suggests that this is more than just a hunch – the landscape of consumerism is changing, slowly but surely, and the statistics can provide the proof.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Leap Concept
Leap Concept is a luxury brand in every sense of the word. Cashmere is its hero textile, and as the ‘soft gold’ of the fabric world, you won’t find anything more sumptuous. In the range you’ll find everything you need in a capsule wardrobe. But going ‘back to basics’ has never looked this luxurious.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Inlight Beauty
Inlight Beauty is a brand for people who love themselves. As the Doctor explains: “for our customers, results are key and quality is a non-negotiable; but most importantly we serve the needs of people who believe that good beauty shouldn’t cost the earth – figuratively, literally or any dimension in between.”
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Diana d’Orville
The Diana d’Orville range is a collection of pièces de résistance. Audrey’s design flair lends itself to all tastes, from women in their 20s to women over 70. And maybe that quality is the essence of what high fashion is, and what it represents.
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