Plain Tiger Spotlight: Lüks

Handwoven Heritage

By Renee Fortune

In the words of brand founder, Rachel Ward, Lüks started as little more than a daydream. One day, while lying on a sun lounger in Kalkan on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, she noticed that the beach club locals were all using beautifully woven towels, which she later discovered are called peshtemals. 

At the time, Rachel was considering a charge in direction after having worked in creative agencies in London for a number of years. But whatever her next step was going to be, it needed to be something that had a positive impact on the world – something that aligned with her own personal values and belief that a sustainable future is the only way forward. 

And so, after looking into how Turkish locals use peshtemals and discovering how versatile they are as towels for bath, beach, gym, swimming or yoga; as well as wearable scarfs or sarongs, Rachel decided that they were the perfect flagship product for a luxury linen brand. 

Her background in branding and marketing served as the perfect foundation for getting her new brand off the ground. But, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Her greatest challenge was learning how to work with within a different culture to build relationships with local artisans.
The fruit of the loom

To bring her vision to life, she traveled to Denizli and up into the hills of Buldan – a place that small communities of family weavers call home. Here she met weavers whose craft was yet untainted by the mark of mass production. Guided by the centuries-old artisanal wisdom that has been passed down the generations and the sense of heritage embodied by these talented craftspeople, Rachel developed a range that speaks to authentically Turkish mastery. 

Expanding on how this philosophy has materialised in the brand’s signature collection, Rachel says: 

“For us it’s about nature and process. We look to create pieces that speak to a biophilic mindset (the theory of bringing nature into the home using natural materials). Our design errs on the side of simplicity with a heavy focus on geometric shapes – you will see a lot of lines and stripes and pattern repeats in our work.”

Something to have and hold

For Rachel and the rest of the team behind Lüks, developing a range of luxury keepsakes is an “ongoing journey of balance and progress.” All the products in the range are created using natural, biodegradable materials such as organic linen and Tencel. Wherever possible, the cotton used is GOTS certified and organic. The dyes used to colour the yarns are reactive, which means that they require less mordants (salt), water and heat to produce. The effluence from these dyes can also be recycled and reused. 

Lüks furthers its vision of sustainability by keeping waste at an absolute minimum, using pieces of fabric that are cut directly from the loom and hand-finished. Lüks peshmetals remain the brand’s anchor products, but the range has evolved to include sumptuous bath robes and towels that can be used for drying hair or as tea towels and napkins.

Rachel has encountered instances where peshtemals have been used daily for over 30 years. They are investment pieces designed to last a lifetime and help lovers of luxury to make the shift from ‘throwaway’ culture to a “buy-me-once mentality” that Rachel and her team applauds and encourages. 

As she explains: “Lüks is perfectly positioned to cater to the ever increasing demand for ‘less is more’ lifestyle and to address the desire for craft and sustainability. As a society we are moving away from fast fashion and throwaway culture and towards provenance, transparency and support for independent brands and businesses. There is much to do and markets that we are yet to approach. I'm excited for the future of the brand and its potential.”

From Turkish roots to global reach

Products from Lüks have graced the pages of top-tier publications such as Elle Decor, Refinery29, British Vogue, The English Home, House & Garden. You can also find Lüks products in boutique hotels, spas and retailers around the world. 

One destination and one customer at a time, Lüks is claiming its place amongst the world’s most future-forward luxury brands. What was once a daydream is fast becoming a legacy. And that’s something we want everyone to be a part of.
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