Plain Tiger Spotlight: Gaudia Beauty

It’s all in your head

By Renee Fortune

Hair products are one of the beauty industry’s mainstays, and in terms of hair products, the options are endless. There are products to reduce frizz, products to promote shine and products for creating curls. But what about starting at the root? For Laurène JOIE, the founder of Gaudia Beauty, the secret to great hair starts with creating the perfectly balanced scalp microbiome. Allow us to elaborate. 

As the largest organ in the human body, the skin can give us invaluable clues to our overall state of wellbeing. And when it comes to the scalp, the same applies. The delicate skin on the scalp requires a symbiosis of healthy bacteria and yeast in order to remain healthy. Over-stimulating the scape by packing on layers of concentrated product – hair masks, shampoos, conditioners, wax, serum and the like, can cause an overproduction of certain types of yeast. Essentially, starving our scalp of moisture and not ensuring that it gets the nourishment it needs, causes an imbalance in the condition of the scalp. For many people, this leads to dandruff, itching, inflammation and even flaking. It ain’t pretty. But thankfully, brands like Gaudia Beauty are taking it back to basics when it comes to hair care, and using the power of nature to do it. 

Gaudia Beauty scalp treatments are produced in the UAE. Among other powerful natural ingredients, Gaudia uses locally sourced date seeds, harvested from palm trees by local farmers. Turns out, the oil found in date seeds contains high levels of Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids, which helps control moisture loss and keeps hair cuticles sealed.

Date oil is also high in amino acids and riboflavin (vitamin B2), which has been found to nourish hair, fight the free radicals found in air pollution and lock in moisture. Naturally found in oases, date palm trees are considered a ‘source of life’ in the Middle East. With the ability to withstand extreme, desert conditions and high levels of UV, date seeds are the perfect ingredients to protect the scalp’s skin cells. Known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, date seed extracts help to reduce dryness, prevent premature aging and protect against harmful external pollutants.

As a proudly Middle Eastern brand, date seed extracts represent not only one of the most effective ingredients for treating dandruff and dry scalp, but also an important part of the region’s natural heritage. Together with her team, Laurene brings this ancient Middle Eastern wisdom into the world of contemporary science, infusing products with prebiotics to penetrate the scale and tackle dryness, whole soothing irritation and stopping dandruff in its tracks. 

In the range you’ll find the Scalp Serum and the Hair and Scalp Mist. As the perfect scalp health duo, these two products are designed to promote healthy hair growth by starting with a healthy scalp. To use the serum, you apply a few drops before shampooing, massage into the hair and leave it to work its magic for a few minutes. Then, simply rinse off with warm water and continue with the rest of your hair care routine. When you’re done, spritz the mist directly onto your scalp, allow it to penetrate for 2 minutes and then style. 

Gaudia Beauty is a true product of the times and was born into a world where sustainability is a number one priority. Producing scalp care solutions that work is definitely a box that’s been ticked. But it’s also been done in the most ethical and environmentally-friendly way possible. To make this happen, Gaudia Beauty uses not only date seeds that are harvested, but also upcycles raw date seeds that would typically have been discarded by palm tree growers. Doing this allows Gaudia Beauty to form part of a beautiful circular economy, and provides local growers with an additional revenue stream. Less waste, more worth.
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