Plain Tiger Spotlight: GLIST

The Gulf’s best-kept skincare secret

By Renee Fortune

The East Asian skincare and beauty market has seen an unprecedented boom over the last decade, with regions like Japan and Korea leading the way with the production of luxury skincare products. But no product has made quite as big of a splash in these markets as sheet masks.

What started as a trend has become a beauty industry staple. With sheet masks, you get an instant boost of hydration and maximum absorption of nourishing ingredients, minus the mess of needing to manually apply the product or the hassle of removing it.

Inspired by East Asian ingenuity

GLIST brand founder, Kary Cheng was born and raised in Hong Kong, having become intimately acquainted with the benefits of using sheet masks. As a young woman, when she moved to Dubai, she encountered a market for sheet masks that was still in its infancy. To keep up with her six-day routine of applying sheet masks as a get-up-and-go solution to glowing skin, Kary used her trips back to Hong Kong as opportunities to stock up on what became one of her personal skincare fundamentals.

Eventually, after 10 years of back-and-forth trips, Kary decided that the Gulf needed a brand of sheet masks and skincare essentials that produced the same results as leading East Asian brands. Soon after, she set out to find a way to introduce people in the region to the phenomenal effects of what she believes to be one of the skincare industry’s most stellar inventions.

Working closely with a renowned skincare laboratory in Taiwan, Kary poured her passion, heart and soul into consciously crafting highly effective skincare that features unmatched formulas. Housed on next-generation, semi-gel cellulose mask technology, GLIST sheet masks allow for skin-tight adhesion and optimal coverage to encourage deep absorption of the mask’s active ingredients so you can achieve visible results, quickly and easily.

For happier, healthier skin

Kary’s goal was to produce a range of sheet masks that met several skincare challenges that are unique to the UAE. The harsh, dry climate in the Gulf may be ideal for catching a tan, but when coupled with the frequent use of air-conditioning, the prolonged effects of constant heat and loss of moisture can lead to skin becoming dehydrated. Over time, moisture being sapped from the skin’s delicate outer layers can speed up the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. For some, ongoing dehydration can also lead to consistent breakouts. 

Naturally therefore, finding a way to introduce optimal moisture back into the skin was at the top of Kary’s list of priorities. Her solution? The Ultra Hydro Plumping Mask by GLIST, formulated with a powerful concentration of sodium polyglutamate and sodium hyaluronate. It’s a skin-saver for people in need of an instant hydration boost that can transform tired-looking skin and give it the kind of radiant, rejuvenated GLIST glow that will have you looking like you’ve just returned from a glamorous summer vacay.

There’s also a sheet mask designed to tackle those pesky fine lines and wrinkles with a highly concentrated formula of anti-inflammatory, plant-based ingredients that provide a variety of anti-ageing benefits. It’s called the Anti-Wrinkle Reviving Mask and in just a few minutes, it packs a powerful punch that replenishes the skin’s firmness and elasticity and promotes luminosity.

Need something to clear away the toxins found in air pollution and the harmful effects of UV rays? GLIST has just the thing. The Instant Rescue Purifying Mask is perfect for soothing irritated skin and encouraging cell regeneration by restoring the skin’s essential nutrients and promoting a supple complexion. We like to think of this mask as the post-weekend solution to better skin.

What’s great about GLIST’s range of sheet masks is that they contain paraben-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free, halal and vegan ingredients. In the range you’ll find some of nature’s finest remedies to common skin problems, including tea tree leaf oil (an ingredient the biggest beauty gurus swear by), broccoli extract, aloe leaf extract and cylindrica root extract.

And, if ever you decide on a whim to apply one of these sheet masks soon after you’ve had your hair done, GLIST has a solution for that too. The GLIST Hair Slide is the ultimate sheet mask companion and comes in a set of 2 slides that glide effortlessly along your hairline and will secure those gorgeous bangs in place so you can mask up without getting any product on your tresses. The Hair Slide is lightweight and slim-lined, so feel free to pack the set into your suitcase while travelling so you can stay fresh and feel good on-the-go.

Time-smart and transformative

Creating a solution that’s tailored to the hustle and bustle of contemporary living was another box that Kary has ticked with her brand. “GLIST is ideal for people with busy schedules, who don’t have the spare time to indulge in complex and time-consuming skincare rituals. 20 minutes is literally all you need to set your skin up for the best day and to ensure that your skin looks good and feels good.”

So if like Kary, you have a dedicated skincare routine that takes you from Monday to Sunday, then GLIST is the go-to-brand for you. Because these sheet masks are suitable for all skin types, you could literally use one every day. Consider it your 20-minute skincare treat.

Better skincare made simple

Minimalist and sophisticated is what you’ll get off the shelf or in your package when it arrives on your doorstep. Reflecting Kary’s “less is more” approach to life in the fast lane, GLIST products are elegantly packaged with the kind of no-nonsense aesthetic you’d expect from a top-tier, pioneering beauty brand that is undoubtedly a product of its time.

For Kary, GLIST is an extension of her belief that feeling empowered and confident on your own skin shouldn’t be an unreachable goal or involve a convoluted process. It’s skincare designed for maximum impact on the skin but minimal impact on your lifestyle.

It’s the beauty essentials you never knew you needed. But now you certainly do.