Plain Tiger Spotlight: Good Parfum

Poetry in perfume

By Renee Fortune

The power of smell is powerful. The mere hint of a familiar fragrance can conjure up long-forgotten memories and evoke feelings of nostalgia – a deep sense of longing for another place, another time. And maybe – just maybe – that far off place and time is right here, right now; and the lingering of a pleasant fragrance is just what is needed to make this moment an unforgettable one. 

For centuries, perfumers have tried to capture the smells that we’ve all come to know and love. The fresh, saltiness of the ocean, the warm, woody embrace of the forest and the sweet smelling scent of a field of flowers. Every perfumer has their unique way of bringing these scents to life. As an art, perfume takes time, craftsmanship and a generous dose of creative thinking. 

A story shared between father and son

For Juan Carlos, co-founder of GOOD Parfum, capturing the time-travelling magic of fragrance has become a personal mission, inspired by a moment spent with his son; in a place between “sky and sea.” To the everyday onlooker, that day involved a simple excursion between a son and his father. But for Juan, those precious moments of bonding in a setting that exemplified everything Mother Nature has to offer, represented a series of ‘Eureka’ moments. That very day, Juan set out to recreate the fragrance that had travelled to him on a breeze. And that is how the brand GOOD Parfum was born. 

As he explains: “I wanted to create an alternative to conventional perfumery: a collection of different, innovative perfumes that are respectful of the skin and the environment. The fundamental elements of nature that surround us in the air, in the water and on land, inspired me to create the Good Water Perfume brand. I’ve taken great pride in sharing the magic and complexity of creating a perfume with my son.

I’ve told him stories of the emotions involved with creating a fragrance and watching it take shape, as well as the joy and the pleasure of seeing someone appreciate it and wear it. The process of creating a perfume involves embracing moments of intense emotion. For me, it’s a life-giving process that I am honoured to share with the world.”
Welcome to a sensorial journey into the heart of the elements

On our shelf of must-have scents is the Boca Raton Eau De Parfum – a fragrance that Juan refers to as a “floral poem.” This sumptuous perfume opens with seductive sweetness, featuring notes of bergamot and lemon. As the fragrance develops, it opens up into a bouquet of floral favourites including rose, jasmine and orange blossom. The grand finale presents a woody finish, with notes of amber, cedar wood, sandalwood, patchouli, musk and oak foam. Typically, we think fragrances as sweet, floral, woody, musky, fresh; or something in between. With this fragrance, you’re taken on a sensory voyage that transitions effortlessly from fruity to floral and finally, into the embrace of the forest. 

Elaborating on how each perfume is created, Juan explains that, “every fragrance is unique, born from feelings and experiences gained throughout my travels and discoveries. Whenever I explore a new country, city, a special place or even when I encounter someone special, I am always filled with emotions and sensitivity. I use fragrance to capture and convey these powerful emotions."

Earth-first fragrances

Apart from using only the highest quality ingredients and distillations, Juan has ensured that all GOOD Parfum creations are also environmentally friendly and gentle on the skin. As such, their formulations do not contain alcohol or formaldehyde. Instead, these fragrances are created using purified water and a high concentration of perfume, which guarantees long-lasting wear. 

Just one spritz will have you smelling fresher than fresh, for the whole day. Each fragrance also comes in a 100% recyclable aluminum bottle, making each perfume part of a circular model of usage and reusage.

As Juan says: “It was a real challenge to succeed in creating alcohol-free perfumes that are as effective as high-end perfumes. But we’ve managed to do just that. The end result is a collection of elegant perfumes with nature-infused notes which evolve over time. Softness and longevity are the key words of the GOOD Parfum concept – each scent adventure is embarked upon by the wearer and everyone around them. We invite the world to come along for the ride.”