Plain Tiger Spotlight: Anna Zuckerman

Sustainable sparkle

By Renee Fortune

The brand, Anna Zuckerman represents something that was passed on. As a young girl, Anna watched as her father; a goldsmith, crafted elegant jewellery for a bespoke list of clients. He painstakingly produced designer jewellery featuring the finest diamond and semi-precious stones, infusing each piece with his unique flair for the flamboyant. What he passed onto his daughter was a love for gems and what they represent. And, in a deliciously ironic twist of fate, Anna took that legacy and created her very own version of something that can be passed on. Anna Zuckerman pieces are exquisite heirlooms, designed and made to last a lifetime; and a few more after that. 

Anna built on her early foundation by studying at the Gemological Institute of America. Her studies equipped her with the tools and knowledge to work with semi-precious stones, expand her technical abilities and develop her own sense of style. 

Talking about the philosophy that underpins her designs, she explains that, “life should be lived boldly, embracing your inner power and strength. My jewellery pieces encourage women to shine and embrace the subtle beauties that materialise in the way we express ourselves through fashion. Each piece reflects its wearer – never afraid to make a statement; bright, colorful, and confident.”
Designed to shine 

In pieces like the Grace 53, you’ll find elements of Olde World grandeur with a refreshing contemporary twist. The lab-created emerald gem is perfectly nestled in a wide band of round, diamond alternatives. As a ring made of .925 sterling silver, the Grace 53 won’t require as much polishing as lower grade pieces. It’s also a metal that’s made to last for the long haul. With some occasional TLC, the Grace 53 will dazzle just as much in ten years time as it does now. 

Anna Zuckerman’s collection has plenty of options for those who appreciate classic gem cuts, but there’s also something for the more adventurous at heart. The Olivia 80, with its butterfly-inspired shape and the Grace 46 ring, with its art deco-esque appeal push the boundaries and dare us all to unleash the diva within.

Describing her trademark design style, Anna explains that she is inspired by “timeless glamour that draws from the decadence of Hollywood as well as the noble stature of the royal collections. My goal is to bring statement jewellery to the modern woman with discerning tastes. 

While some jewellery brands may err on the side of subtlety and create accessories that are designed to enhance an outfit, my approach is to directly address the ‘white space’ in an outfit as an opportunity to bring aesthetic value to the look. My pieces are fashion statements of their own, transitioning between the world of casual dressing and office wear, to the glitz and glamour of gala dinners and the luxury of resort living.”

A choice for the future-fit 

Anna Zuckerman’s jewellery is no stranger to the red carpet. Her designs have been flaunted by A-listers like Paula Abdul, Lilly Singh and Sofia Pernas. For these celebrities; as well as countless other conscious consumers, the price of unsustainably sourced and produced bling is simply not worth it. Anna Zuckerman’s jewellery has given luxury a new lease on life by providing women with an ethical alternative to diamonds and gemstones with untraceable origins. 

The gemstones for every Anna Zckkerman piece are acquired with as little damage to the planet as possible. Many of the gems you’ll find in the collection have been upcycled from older pieces or produced in a lab to circumvent the pollution caused by large-scale mining. By salvaging diamonds and gems, Anna and her team have found a creative way to extend the life cycle of raw materials and reimagine existing pieces as fresh, new statements. The brand is “ethical, violence-free and ecologically responsible” in every way.

Colour and character are two factors you’ll find in abundance in anything that bears the Anna Zuckerman mark. Her collection stands as a constant reminder that an investment into yourself is an investment well made. 

You need no one’s permission to be glamorous – to step out in statement pieces that say, ‘I’ve arrived.’ And there’s no doubt about it, bold has never looked more beautiful.
$175.00 USD