Plain Tiger Spotlight: ESLLA Handbags

Sustainable sidekicks

By Renee Fortune

We know the deal. First impressions last. And for a lasting first impression, you need the right kind of handbag. You need a handbag that says ‘I’ve arrived,’ a handbag that demands a second glance. As Gen Zs might put it, you need a handbag that’s ‘giving Gossip Girl.’ 

So, if you’re looking for something in the way of statement arm candy that’s both functional and future-fit, look no further than ESLLA Handbags. The acronym, ‘ESLLA’ stands for Ethically Sourced Luxury Leather Alternatives, and that’s what you’ll get – nothing more, and certainly nothing less. 

The fruits of a great friendship

ESLLA Handbags is the handiwork of a best friend duo who teamed up to turn the tide on fast fashion and everything it represents. By partnering with textile innovators whose craft is at the forefront of sustainable production, Charlotte Wienckoski and Leigh Dorough have narrowed the search for alternatives to leather; and we dare say, they’ve done a brilliant job. 

Charlotte and Leigh are besties on a mission. Sharing a passion for both business and fashion and having identified the need for sustainable and ethically sourced vegan leather handbags, they set out to create a brand that embodies a vision for a better future.
Style with a story

The brand’s first collection was inspired by the values of kindness and consciousness. To bring this through, Charlotte and Leigh chose names for the bags that are inspired by Buddhist principles. The Dharma Crossbody is inspired by the concept of cosmic law and order. As one of the most central themes of Buddhist belief, ‘dharma’ speaks to universal truth and the pursuit of a moral existence that promotes harmony with all sentient beings. The Seva Tote is inspired by the idea of selfless service – a calling to serve others and the world around us, with no expectation of reciprocation. And the naming of the Satori Clutch speaks to the experience of spiritual awakening or enlightenment, an inexpressible and deeply transformative realisation of one’s true nature. 

A commitment to the bigger picture

ESLLA’s design philosophy is firmly rooted in the collective pursuit of meeting the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In particular, the values and production methods of ESLLA Handbags seek to contribute to achieving SDG 6 – clean water and sanitation, as well as SDG 8 – decent work and economic growth.

They’re also determined to build better industries and infrastructure by driving the call for innovation (SDG 9), while promoting responsible consumption and production. By pursuing SDG 14, the preservation of life below water, ESLLA Handbags “continues to innovate and research new ways to lessen our carbon footprint with newly developed, recycled materials. We are focused on becoming the most responsible version of ourselves both now and in the future,” says Charlotte. 

Forerunners in better fashion

For Charlotte and Leigh, setting a benchmark for sustainable fashion has never necessitated a compromise on style. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Desserto®, an ecologically-friendly plant-based material made from cactus is not only just as durable as leather, but it is also distinguished by its luxuriously soft texture. This inherent softness is elegantly contrasted by the hard-wearing, robust look and feel of metallic chain hardware in bags like the Dharma Crossbody. It’s high-end, but it’s also hardcore. 

By partnering with textile producers like Desserto®, ESLLA Handbags is bringing the products of some of the world’s most forward-thinking manufacturers to conscious consumers all around the world. 

On the brand’s design approach, Charlotte explains that: “we created each design with the fashion-forward, premium handbag buyer in mind. As lovers of designer handbags ourselves, we found the availability of next-generation, organic handbags quite small or even non-existent. 

At ESLLA, we want to help bridge that gap between consciousness, sustainability and luxury, and help redefine what luxury can be. Our handbags look good, feel good and support the drive of consumers to do good, by investing in quality products that don’t harm people or the planet.”

In the range, you’ll find bags that you can pair with a classic jeans and tee or upstyle with a little black dress. They’re the kind of bags you’ll want at your side when you’re running errands and when you’re painting the town red. 

We like to think of it this way. There are humans who accessorise their outfit. And then there are humans who accessorise their handbag. For those kinds of humans, ESLLA Handbags has just the thing. 
$535.00 USD