Spring Scarf | Duck&
Spring Scarf | Duck&

Spring Scarf | Duck's Egg & Ivory

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100% cotton | hand wash to protect the delicate fabric

Delivery: Made to order. Please allow 5-8 working days for production 


  • For the ability to liven up an otherwise neutral outfit without adding weight or clutter
  • The light, open texture makes the scarf perfect for even the hottest summer day, but on a cool morning it also provides a welcome bit of snugness around the neck


Approximately 28 x 180cm. When hanging straight around the neck the scarf reaches to the fingertips.


The ribbed fabric gives the scarf a tendency to "pull in". After washing make sure to lay flat to dry. If you want to widen it out between washes, use a steaming iron to gently open it out.

Why Made to Order

Made to order product online is manufactured as and when it is ordered and according to the specifications of the individual. Made to order is also slower to produce and is therefore more environmentally sustainable, causing less wastage and avoiding over-production. As a movement, made to order promotes a culture of quality where people come to appreciate and cherish their garments as heirlooms rather than just seasonable pieces that quickly go out of fashion.

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