Floratropia Paris

Floratropia Paris is a mission native fragrance brand shaking up the industry standards with a purpose: explore, cultivate, and sustain the beauty of the floral world through fragrance. Let’s change fragrance for good!
We create supernatural fragrances that renew the art of fragrance and refresh the olfactory experience. We craft refillable artisan accessories to go with the fragrances and are made to last for a lifetime. We do it with a global positive impact towards the living. Petrochemicals-free, ethically sourced, with a radical low-waste/low carbon approach to packaging. And we infuse it with poetry and a free-minded spirit.
Beyond naturality… A unique holistic approach committed to the living:
> Sourcing: the finest ingredients coming from ethical partnerships, organic and sustainable sources
> Composition: 100% natural, petrochemical-free, vegan, clean, unisex
> Packaging: low waste/low carbon packaging, reusable bottles
> Sponsorship: 3% of sales donated to the NGO Noé for sustainable actions towards flora biodiversity