Spotlight: Jaya Organics

Your Jaya Organics product will arrive in a brown, glass bottle or jar – a nod to Dennis’s personal inclination towards minimalism. Less in this case however, is undeniably more. What you’ll get with every product is a sulfate-free, paraben-free and cruelty-free solution to holding onto your holiday glow.

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Spotlight: GLIST

For Kary, GLIST is an extension of her belief that feeling empowered and confident in your skin shouldn’t be an unreachable goal or involve a convoluted process. It’s skincare designed for maximum impact on the skin but minimal impact on your lifestyle. The beauty essentials you never knew you needed. But now you do.

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The future of beauty: green is the new glam

The summit's collective efforts and our shared commitments towards sustainability offer hope and inspiration for a greener, more conscious beauty industry that aligns with the needs of both people and the planet.

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5 After Sun Skin Care Tips
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Crystal & Gem infused beauty care

Self-care, grounded in traditional & spiritual practices, has increased in popularity. We are seeing a growing awareness of crystals and their benefits, and now this extends to your beauty routine. Discover Crystal & Gem infused beauty care and the benefits of incorporating these into your beauty and skincare routine.

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Unique Skincare Ingredients from Africa

It’s no surprise that Africa also plays host to incredible, natural, ingredients used in many beauty products across the globe. Here, we have identified the top 5 we love - all from our gorgeous Africa.

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Exploring The Art of Perfumery

Scents & Sensibility - The World of Niche Fragrances. A fragrance takes you back to a memory so personal; it almost allows you to travel in time. As the world moves towards a ‘less is more' approach to goods, we are fortunate to experience the true concept of niche perfumes.

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