L’abeille is a story of our Founder’s heritage and home country. Coming from French decent, but being born and raised in South Africa, I decided to combine my love for both.

In the L’abeille range I have combined exquisite African oils with some outstanding high performance actives, some being harvested off the breathtakingly beautiful coastline of Brittany, France. The floral extracts and honey used in L’abeille would not be possible without our bee colonies, which are so important for the sustainable existence of all our beautiful flowers, hence the use of L’abeille as our brand name.

At L’abeille, we are led by our passion for excellence and continual growth in educating our consumer in clean beauty. We are on a constant quest to raise the standards in the clean beauty industry with carefully selected ingredients that are well researched, tested and safe. We only select those that are proven to work at cellular level and have a direct impact on enhancing the beauty of our skin.

L’abeille creates a South African experience in each product by combining exquisite African extracts & Botanicals with meticulously procured high performance ingredients.

Join us on our journey in discovering restored youth & increased radiance.

Healthy skin = Happy skin