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Written in the Stars

It’s fascinating how our star sign can play such a key part in driving our home decor choices. Small yet significant influences allow us to express ourselves in ways that feel honest and authentic in our own space.

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Discover our world of essential oils, candles and defusers, crafted with natural ingredients to promote holistic healing and well-being.
Time to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit.

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Clean Green

Think you've got cleaning covered? Perhaps not- there are several spaces in the home that are often overlooked and are germ hotspots! Now is the perfect time to switch to an organic, non-toxic product containing all-natural ingredients that will leave your home clean & fresh and won't harm you or the planet.

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Holistic Home & Beauty Rituals

Ever wondered how the tides and moon cycles affect our mood and when (and how) to incorporate essential oils into your home and beauty rituals? We chatted to Nicole, the founding owner of Petrichor Oils about this and you might be surprised by her answer.

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The Minimalist Edit

Minimalist design is a popular interior design choice, but there’s no reason it should be flat & cold. Careful layering of varying shades, contrasting textures and incorporating key investment pieces that create a statement, one can achieve a space that is uncluttered and calming yet still luxe and rich in character.

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