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The 5 hottest trends in sustainable fashion


Plain Tiger Spotlight: Nice Fleet
You could think of Nice Fleet as a brand that captures what it means to be ‘cool chic.’ It’s a brand designed for escapism. So pack your bags, because in the words of Cliff Richard: “we’re all going on a summer holiday…”
Plain Tiger Spotlight: ALEKSANDRA VIKTOR
For Aleksandra, the process of building her brand has required laser focus. So she decided to start with creating one piece and doing it brilliantly. Some people dress from the top down. Some people start with their shoes. When you own a piece by ALEKSANDRA VIKTOR, you’ll start with the coat – every time.
The 2023 Global Fashion Summit: Copenhagen Edition
The Global Fashion Summit is a platform for open dialogue, knowledge exchange, and collaborative efforts to transform the fashion sector. This year’s theme was ‘Ambition to Action,’ with panels and speaker topics touching on the practical ways the fashion industry can contribute to building a more sustainable world.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Marwida
Marwida represents a lifestyle choice made by consumers who understand that every dollar, pound or dirham spent, is a vote for a better future. Marwida customers aren’t afraid to make that vote confidently and to wear that choice proudly.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Gaudia Beauty
Thankfully, brands like Gaudia Beauty are taking it back to basics regarding hair care and using the power of nature to do it. As a proudly Middle Eastern brand, date seed extracts represent one of the most effective ingredients for treating dandruff and dry scalp and an essential part of the region’s natural heritage.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Jaya Organics
Your Jaya Organics product will arrive in a brown, glass bottle or jar – a nod to Dennis’s personal inclination towards minimalism. Less in this case however, is undeniably more. What you’ll get with every product is a sulfate-free, paraben-free and cruelty-free solution to holding onto your holiday glow.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Mache
The design of the Homi Tube is deceptively simple. Its shape was inspired by the jumbo paper tubes that are typically used in construction for building architectural columns. As Brienne puts it: “we are proud to have successfully elevated this seemingly mundane material to a solution with luxury status.”
Plain Tiger Spotlight: The Simple Folk
The Simple Folk is a minimalist line of nature-inspired, ethical, organic and high-comfort play clothes that are easy to wear, easy to wash, and easy on the senses so they can support you and your children for years to come.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: GLIST
For Kary, GLIST is an extension of her belief that feeling empowered and confident in your skin shouldn’t be an unreachable goal or involve a convoluted process. It’s skincare designed for maximum impact on the skin but minimal impact on your lifestyle. The beauty essentials you never knew you needed. But now you do.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Suntorini Essentials
In essence then, Suntorini Essentials is a brand that represents a lifestyle – one that is underpinned by a renewed level of consciousness and inspired by the interconnectedness of human nature and mother nature. Ready to find your new beach bestie? This is just the place to do it.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: ESLLA Handbags
ESLLA is the handiwork of a best friend duo who teamed up to turn the tide on fast fashion and everything it represents. By partnering with textile innovators whose craft is at the forefront of sustainable production, they have narrowed the search for alternatives to leather; we dare say they’ve done a brilliant job.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Matcha Union
Enjoying a cup of antioxidant-rich matcha is not just about savouring a warming drink; it's a holistic ritual that allows for a moment of tranquility amidst the noise of our daily lives.
Make Global Wellness Day about ‘just doing you’
Global Wellness Day is a reminder to all of us that achieving holistic wellness is not a one-time event but a daily commitment. From practicing mindfulness and meditation to participating in physical exercises and adopting healthy eating habits, Global Wellness Day serves as a catalyst for positive change.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Momoc
A number of Momoc’s clients share the common experience of being stopped by passers-by who ask where their shoes are from. When you see the Momoc collection, you’ll soon see why. In the range you’ll find ‘dancers, ballerinas’ and ‘sneakers’ – each of them with their own unique shape and design.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Anna Zuckerman
Anna Zuckerman’s jewellery is no stranger to the red carpet. Her designs have been flaunted by A-listers like Paula Abdul, Lilly Singh and Sofia Pernas. Her jewellery has given luxury a new lease on life by providing women with an ethical alternative to diamonds and gemstones with untraceable origins.
The 2023 Retail Summit and beyond
Behind many of the important shifts underway in the UAE’s retail sector, is the emerging power of young shoppers – a new generation of conscious consumers who will play a key role in shaping the industry of tomorrow.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Good Parfum
For Juan Carlos, co-founder of GOOD Parfum, capturing the time-travelling magic of fragrance has become a personal mission, inspired by a moment spent with his son; in a place between “sky and sea.”
A Reflection on International Worker’s Day
In light of International Workers’ Day, we can reflect on how far we’ve come and the challenges ahead. There is no doubt it – the wheels of change are turning. Now, let us hold onto this, celebrate the progress being made and continue to be discerning about our choices as brand founders and consumers.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: Lüks
One destination and one customer at a time, Lüks is claiming its place amongst the world’s most future-forward luxury brands. What was once a daydream is fast becoming a legacy. And that’s something we want everyone to be a part of.
World Earth Day 2023
You can be a part of positive change by recognising your role as an agent of change. Every consumer has the power to choose – to interrogate their buying decisions, to hold brands and businesses accountable and to pay-it-forward by sharing what they have learnt with their communities.
Plain Tiger Spotlight: BrunnaCo
“The creative style of BrunnaCo represents that sum total of our recollections of life in Bali. Life is very different here. Ours is a collection designed to bring to life the notion of serenity, even in the most frenetic environments. It marks a return to the sea, to the sand and most importantly, to the self.”