Appellation believes in small but impactful moments of self-care. The team advocates aromatherapy as a science-supported tool for wellness – one that works in harmony with your body’s innate, biological rhythm. The brand’s stone essential oil diffusers and all-natural, functional scents are designed to create an everyday self-care ritual at home or at work to reduce stress and encourage wellbeing. 

Appellation sources its wild-harvested, pesticide-free or certified organic essential oils from artisanal distillers from around the world and select sourcing partners that are committed to quality, conservation and sustainability. This includes female-founded, family-owned growers and producers to cooperatives in Nepal and Ecuador that ensure plants are cultivated, harvested and produced in a manner that benefits the local community as well as the environment.

All the brand’s essential oil blends are formulated in-house and manufactured in the UAE at a family-owned GMP lab.

Appellation has chosen violet (biophotonic) glass bottles for its range, which protect the bio-energetic values of the essential oils and extend the product’s shelf-life, resulting in less expiration waste. All bottles are reusable and recyclable and stored in biodegradable cardboard tubes.

The brand’s stone aromatherapy diffusers are packaged in reusable cardboard boxes and wrapped in compostable FSC-certified tissue paper printed with soy-based inks (acid, sulphur, and lignin-free).

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