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BODY by G Herbal
BODY by G Herbal

BODY by G Herbal

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Life is not always kind to our bodies. Run down immune systems, depressed energy levels and chronic, even acute, inflammation are common consequences of the way we live. G Herbal’s Body helps redress the balance.

“We arrived at our body-repairing formulation after testing ingredients chosen from a reserve of over 2,000 different plants grown and studied at Indonesia’s major agricultural university. I began testing multiple variations in small batches to find the perfect formulation by giving little white bottles with handwritten labels to friends. Although each round of tests took several months to complete, testing continued until the strongest candidate emerged. I’m happy to report that I’ve managed to keep all my friends.”

Xanthorrhizol lowers pro-inflammatory response.

Curcumin boosts immune response and antibody production

Triterpenes improve antioxidant status and inhibit pro-inflammatory enzymes.

Quercetin natural analgesic (ability to reduce pain) effects.




Size: 60 Capsules

Top Benefits

Improves the immune system

Increases energy levels and stamina

Reduces Swelling (Natural Anti-inflammatory)

Improves Cognition

Active Ingredients

Morinda citrifolia (Noni) fructus extract, 
Centella asiatica (Gotu Kola) herba extract, 
Curcuma xanthorrhiza (Javanese Turmeric) rhizoma extract


Includes the flavonoids asperulosidic acid, rutin, nonioside A, and tricetin shown to alleviate the symptoms of chronic inflammation.


The neuroprotective effects of the triterpenes asiatic acid, asiaticoside and madecassoside, increase mitochondrial activity, improve antioxidant status, and inhibit pro-inflammatory enzymes.


Curcumin combats infections by lowering inflammation and boosting immune response and antibody production. Xanthorrhizol, a compound found only in Curcuma xanthorrhiza, lowers the body’s pro-inflammatory response.


2 capsules daily, 1 in the morning & 1 in the evening or as desired.


What is Clean Beauty?

With words such as green, natural and organic we are often misled into thinking a product is ‘clean’ without checking the label. Clean beauty means that a product is safe, non-toxic, and has transparent labeling of ingredients. Just because a product is green/natural/organic it doesn’t mean it is clean. Clean Beauty, at its core, is a product that is safe to use with no harmful ingredients (to reiterate: not chemicals, but ingredients!).

Small Batch production

Small batch production has taken off in the last 2-3 years with local businesses taking the lead. From decor and beauty to food brands, we are seeing a huge shift in expectation from consumers as well as brands leading the process. Conscious consumers are moving away from mass-produced, large-scale beauty products to sustainable and eco-friendly makeup brands that operate along ethical lines. A renewed focus on zero-waste makeup is also part of this planet- and people-conscious movement.

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