Bodice Candle | Honey
Bodice Candle | Honey
Bodice Candle | Honey

Bodice Candle | Honey

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Hand Sculpted ~ Hand Poured ~ Hand Finished

Chai Scented Candle

Dimensions: Width - 6 cm x Height - 13 cm

Weight: Approx 155g

Please note as our candles are hand made in our studio and the utmost care is taken in manufacturing there is a 10 day lead time for the Bodice candles. Please bear this in mind when placing your order.

Made in South Africa 


The nature of each product being hand made individually means that as a result variation in colour and finish may occur. 

When choosing to burn your candle we recommend placing it on a plate or dish so as to catch the molten wax and prevent damage to furniture and surrounds.

Why Made to Order

Made to order product online is manufactured as and when it is ordered and according to the specifications of the individual. Made to order is also slower to produce and is therefore more environmentally sustainable, causing less wastage and avoiding over-production. As a movement, made to order promotes a culture of quality where people come to appreciate and cherish their garments as heirlooms rather than just seasonable pieces that quickly go out of fashion.

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