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Pearl Ring
Pearl RingPearl Ring



Product Information


This hand-carved ring is tapered towards the bottom with a 5mm wide top that has an indent on the one side that holds a 6mm cultured pearl. This ring can be worn on its own or can be worn with the Half ring, Half-Half ring and/ or Plain ring.


- Sterling silver

-Real pearls



X-Small (G, G1/2, H, H1/2, I, I1/2)

Small (J, J1/2, K, K1/2, L, L1/2)

Medium (M, M1/2, N, N1/2, O, O1/2)

Large (P, P1/2, Q, Q1/2)

X-Large (R, R1/2, S, S1/2, T)


Made in Cape Town, South Africa


Materials and Care

Materials: These rings are made from sterling silver; the gold plated variants are sterling silver dipped in 18ct gold & the black earrings are sterling silver and are dipped in black plating.

Care: Silver can be rubbed with a polishing cloth to remove tarnish, take special care of your black and gold-plated rings, the plating can wear off easily if scratched or exposed to chemicals (hand sanitiser)

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