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When Madri van Zyl launched her business as a young Stellenbosch University graduate in 2015, she was immediately drawn to the word ‘Iloni’ - meaning “Joy” in Finnish. Her “why not?” approach in her creative journey when it comes to design, experimenting with new materials, techniques and process gives her great joy and a feeling of boundless freedom.


Iloni is a contemporary designer brand of jewellery & accessories. It appeals to women of all walks of life who are passionate about simple, elegant, and distinctive pieces that are comfortable and practical to wear.


We want every woman to feel the joy of expressing herself with ease and simplicity. We trust that every Iloni piece is an investment as a timeless winner for all occasions but still celebrates your uniqueness and the excitement of the moment.


Iloni is an upmarket designer brand that fits comfortably in the trendy and often frivolous world of fashion, but somehow manages to remain true to itself and down-to-earth with no pretence.


We deliver quality jewellery and accessories designed to make every outfit and occasion exceptional. You know when they wear an Iloni, you look elegant.



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