Morina Skincare

 Morina Skincare

Have you ever read the ingredients list on factory-made skincare products? Never mind understanding the ingredients, I couldn’t even pronounce them!

I did my research and found that most of these ingredients are more harmful than helpful to our skin. 

I have always been very health-conscious for myself and my family, particularly around food. Reading the ingredients list was a wake-up call that expanded my health consciousness to everything that comes into contact with my body, including skincare products. 

So for years I researched and formulated natural skincare alternatives for my friends, family and I before formalising my passion with a Diploma in Organic Skin Care Formulation from the Organic Cosmetics Science School in the UK.

I’ve combined my training as a gemologist and organic cosmetics into something magical. 

Now I want to bring my knowledge and expertise of 100% natural ingredients, herbal wisdom, science and crystals to improve your skin and get you to enjoy the confidence that great, glowing and healthy skin brings. 

Morina Skincare is born from passion and love for Nature. My goal is to get more people to become aware of the magical, beauty-enhancing powers of Nature. 

100% Natural & Organic Luxurious Skincare.

Made to the highest standards of purity and effectiveness. Scientifically created, with an added touch of magic.

Certified Beauty without Cruelty SA

Formulated with love in South Africa.