8000 Kicks

8000 Kicks

Prepare yourself the most unusual, funny and also super awesome startup story ever...

Bernardo, the co-founder, moved back to Portugal in 2017 to start a new project, but he didn’t know exactly what it would be. One night, after a few beers with the boys, someone came up with the idea of making a shoe for smoking. It was a 5-in-morning-kind-of-idea, or maybe not.

Bernardo decided to give it a shot since he had seen some bags and wallets made of cannabis fibers before. He asked the most unlikely person for help: Otilia, his grandmother, with over 50 years’ experience in textiles. Together, they spent over 1 year actively working with suppliers from around the world until what is now the World’s 1st waterproof hemp shoe, a whole new category into casual sustainable footwear.


In order to make hemp great again, we have to make the best products the world has ever seen. That's why we have visited the world's best manufacturers from east to west, looking for nothing but the best. This search led us to partner up with the most experienced hemp milers, shoe manufacturers and designers.


In order to make this planet a better place, we took a 360º approach to define our own responsibility as a business. This means empowering customers to opt-in for a more sustainable lifestyle by providing a superior eco friendly footwear solution. It means looking to our own footprint but also our partners', to minimize our carbon emissions. It means caring to protect the most needed members of our community, by providing them comfortable and durable hemp products.


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