Your Life in Colour

Harness the healing energies of colour

By Nadia Gardner

Colour is an essential part of our lives. Yet most of us remain largely unaware of the benefit gained from our conscious use of colour. Each colour vibrates with its own energy, which we can use to enhance our lives.

Intuitive coach Dougall Fraser tells us that colour therapy, known as chromotherapy, is based on the idea that colour can help treat physical or mental health. According to this idea, they cause subtle changes in our moods and biology.

It applies quite naturally to fashion too. Look at your wardrobe through a different set of eyes. As you begin to learn more about the emotional impact that different colours have, you can choose your clothes based on how you want to feel on a certain day or have your outfit reflect how you are feeling.

Here’s a look at a rainbow of hues that can inspire us…


Red attracts the most attention and is associated with strong emotions, such as love, passion, and anger. It’s the universal colour to signify strength, power, courage, and danger. Red is vibrant, stimulating and exciting with a strong link to increased appetites.

$90.00 USD


Yellow is the colour of the mind and the intellect, resonating with the left, logical side of the brain. It is creative, the tone of new ideas and new ways of doing things. Post-it notes and legal pads were invented in yellow for a very good reason! Being the lightest hue of the spectrum, yellow is uplifting and illuminating, offering hope, happiness, and fun. It’s a warm and happy colour that creates a sense of cheerfulness and playfulness, brightening people’s spirits.

$240.00 USD


Make a statement in, animal-free, animal skins. If you're a stickler for comfort then loafers or boots are your go-to. If you're more of a heel girl then now is the time to dust them off or look to investing in a new pair. Go for bold in a snake skin print while still sticking to a classic shape.


Blue invokes a feeling of stability and safety. It encourages clarity on any issue you may be dealing with in your life.

$143.00 USD


Purple is the colour of imagination and spirituality, inspiring high ideals. It is also an introspective tone, allowing us to connect with our deeper thoughts. People drawn to purple are usually sensitive and compassionate, understanding and supportive, thinking of others before themselves. They will often have a peaceful and tranquil quality, with quiet dignity about them.


Green gives you a sense of openness and freedom. It helps you access new ideas or solutions to problems you may not have seen before.

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$180.08 USD


An all-around energy cleanser. Because it’s such a neutral colour, it has the effect of being very comforting to our energy. White is perfect if you find your mind or have trouble releasing the thoughts of the day.

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