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Orca Dress
Orca DressOrca DressOrca DressOrca Dress

Little Things Studio


Product Information

This ocean green wrap dress is made using an organic cotton satin fabric with a beautiful wavy neck detail with inseam pockets and piping details. This dress drapes beautifully whilst still hugging the body.


Wear with sneakers or chunky boots for a lunch date, style it with pumps for an elegant evening or with t-straps/gladiators and have a blissful night at the beach.


Size : Length of the dress is 35”


Fabric and Care

Organic Cotton Satin

Cotton satin is a soft and flowy fabric. It's a light fabric with a satin weave that makes the textile extremely smooth and gives it a subtle sheen. The smooth surface of this fabric makes for a great base for intricate prints, as even the smallest details turn out as sharp as can be.

Since satin uses long filament fibers which are woven in a very taut fashion, the resulting material is stronger than many plain weave fabrics. Wrinkle-resistant. Satin doesn't wrinkle as easily as other fabrics, and thicker satins are less prone to wrinkles.

In addition to it, this material not only provide enough airflow to feel comfortable but also allows to keep the skin retain its moisture, which keeps your pores from drying out and becoming clogged, leading to a clearer and more beautiful complexion.

Source : Ethically sourced from a vendor in New Delhi.


Care : Dry Clean Only.

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