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Tweed Organic Peace Silk Wrap Skirt
Tweed Organic Peace Silk Wrap Skirt

Pure One


Product Information


Tweed weave instills this mini skirt with tactile charm, ruffles cascade down the front.
The effect of stripes is created by weaving fibers of different shades of natural color.



Size: Small to Medium


Fabric and Care

Composition: 100% organic peace silk, GOTS certified.

This means that not a single silkworm was harmed.

In the ordinary production 6,000 cocoons with silkworms are boiled together to produce 1 kg of silk.

For the production of peace silk, the producer waits until the silk worms emerge as beautiful moths, continue their lifecycle and only then gathers cocoons for silk production.You can read more about peace silk here.

Cruelty free

Care: hand-wash with gentle soap and steam ironing.

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