Plain Tiger Spotlight: Siin Ain Home

Own a piece of Portuguese craftsmanship

By Renee Fortune

Sometimes the simple things get taken for granted. But it’s precisely the simple things that ground us when times get tough. Laughter, sharing, good conversation – they’re the things we run to when the world gets a bit topsy turvy and the uncertainties of everyday life bubble to the surface of our otherwise put-together ideologies of what it means to be human. 

The brand, Siin Ain Home (pronounced “Seen Anne Home”) was inspired by one of these simple things – the ritual of setting a dinner table. It may not surprise you then to hear that Siin Ain Home was conceptualised and born during the pandemic, when one of the main things that brought people true joy and a reprieve from the tension of lockdown, was the experience of enjoying or sharing a meal. 
This was indeed true for couple, Sameen and Ali, a first-generation immigrant couple who live in Toronto. The name of the brand is made up of the Arabic initials of both their names. In their search for dinnerware that catered to their unique design taste, the couple spent a year researching and developing products that were refreshingly different but also classic enough to be timeless. 

All Siin Ain Home products are manufactured in Portugal by artisans in the couple’s family network of manufacturers. The manufacturing base in Caldas das Taipas has over 60 years of experience with producing flatware for the Portuguese and international markets, based on the principles of quality, innovation and a strong commitment to sustainability. Portugal is world-renowned for its unique and decorative ceramic art – a product of its rich, natural and high-quality clay deposits. The local craftspeople who create the brand’s dinnerware are part of many generations of artisans who have perfected the art of ceramic production, passing on their skills and talents down through their family lines.

And yet, there’s something distinctly non-traditional about Siin Ain Home’s dinnerware. Instead of the ornate, primary coloured, intricately detailed aesthetic that Portuguese ceramic art has become known for, you’ll find that this range of tableware is minimalist, sleek and unassuming. 

You’ll also notice, with delight, that the stoneware mugs and plates and dishes are completely one-of-a-kind. Each one has “perfectly imperfect” (as Sameen likes to say), edges that are hand-finished and inspired by organic shapes. No two pieces are exactly the same. 

And then there’s the cutlery, produced using 18/10 stainless steel to form pieces that are strong and durable, dishwasher safe and 100% recyclable. Of course if you’re a sworn minimalist with an eye for all things contemporary, the matte black set of cutlery will speak your language. But, when in the mood for a dash of decadence, there’s no harm in bringing out the gold set, with either a matte or polished finish. The cutlery sets you’ll find in the collection are exclusive to Siin Ain Home and are part of its signature range with ultra-modern edges, slender, tapered handles and bevelled edges. These sets are an entertainer’s dream and are beautifully packaged in a luxury gift box. 

To gift or not to gift – that will be your biggest question…