Plain Tiger Spotlight: IXORA

Personal Care that Keeps it Clean

By Renee Fortune

Many people forget (or are completely unaware) that your skin is an organ. In fact, it’s the largest organ of the body. And yet, it’s the organ people tend to neglect or think of last when making important health decisions. But Dr Nader Sheasha believes that, “your skin is the mirror to your overall health.” In his experience, your skin is the first place to look for evidence of toxins, pollutants, the effects of your lifestyle choices and important clues on the condition of your other vital organs. 

This belief; coupled with years of scientific and practical experience in herbal medicine and the natural cosmeceutical industry, inspired Dr Sheasha to start a brand that would guide women on their journey to the organic path of skincare. His dream of establishing a personal care brand that would “keep it clean,” in every sense of the phrase, required a sidekick with the mindset of a revolutionary.

And so, he teamed up with brand manager, Magdalena Bjork, who started with little more than a logo. Together with Dr Sheasha, she set out to build a brand that would challenge the status quo, take a radical stance on sustainable design and production processes and leverage the ingenuity of the latest biotechnology. 

These were the beginnings of IXORA, a personal care brand that nurtures, protects and treats the body from top to toe. That’s one of the features that people love about this brand – the fact that after choosing IXORA, you won’t need to shop at different brands for your hair care, skincare and bath products. In the range, you’ll find products that treat acne and blemishes. But you’ll also find sumptuous hair masks and shampoos, as well as eye creams and facial oils. It’s a festival of beauty at your fingertips. 

Products in the range feature unique blends of luxurious oils; revered the world over for their nourishing and healing properties. In the range you’ll find pomegranate seed oil, avocado oil, geranium rose essential oil and chamomile essential oil. What you won’t find are sulfates, synthetic perfumes, parabens, synthetic colouring and other chemical ingredients that can harm, inflame or irritate your skin.

The formulation for each product is developed by Dr Sheasha and a team of world-class personal care technologists and scientists who specialise in skin and body care solutions. Each product is a veneration of ancient history, with formulations that feature ingredients that have been passed down civilisations. But there’s also a healthy dose of contemporary magic and modern technology. It’s a brand that offers its customers the best of both worlds – the tried-and-tested ingredients and methods of the days of yore, combined with the techniques and technologies that inform the contemporary world.

When it comes to packaging, you can expect nothing but premium. Each product is elegantly packaged with black and gold labeling that’s as flattering as it is functional. These are the kinds of products you’ll be proud to keep in your overnight bag of essentials. And trust us, when you experience what organic ingredients can do for your skin, you’ll want to take these beauties everywhere you go.

IXORA has taken off in the Middle East and has been featured in several leading media titles. Its rise in popularity is indicative of the fact that ‘organic,’ is no longer a trend, but a lifestyle choice that’s here to stay. And in this arena, IXORA thrives. 

IXORA has COSMOS (COSMetic Organic Standard) certification – a licensing standard that is regulated by the world’s major organic and natural cosmetics certification bodies which abide by a strict set of European guidelines. The main principles of the COSMOS standard include: 

Supporting the use of organic and natural ingredients
Promoting the use of ingredients from organic farms
Respecting biodiversity and using natural sources responsibly
Using ethical and clean processing to respect the environment and human health
Promoting ‘Green Chemistry’ instead of harsh synthetic chemicals
Transparency to consumers about products and ingredients

As Magdalena adds: “The beauty industry is continuously evolving and these days it’s becoming a must to consider the effect of this industry on our health and our environment. Seeing more brands entering and embracing the ‘clean and green’ beauty space is incredibly encouraging. 

Having the opportunity to start fresh as a new brand that upholds uncompromising quality and sustainability standards has given IXORA an incredible advantage to become a pioneer that can move the industry in the right direction.”
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