No. 0324 Aging Spirits
No. 0324 Aging Spirits
No. 0324 Aging Spirits
No. 0324 Aging Spirits
No. 0324 Aging Spirits
No. 0324 Aging Spirits
No. 0324 Aging Spirits

No. 0324 Aging Spirits

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The Scent:

Sultry and intoxicating, this scent captures the essence of New Orleans, not least of which is its local fare and signature cocktail, the Sazerac — a mouth-watering blend of rye, absinthe and bitters. The base note of toasted oak evokes aging whiskey barrels, while subtle aromas of herbaceous bitters and Cajun spices lend additional layers of richness.

The Notes:

  • Top: Star Anise, Whiskey, Bitter Orange, Spicy Notes
  • Middle: Whiskey, Caramel, Condensed Milk, Bitters
  • Base: Toasted Oak, Whiskey, Bourbon, Cedarwood

The Memory: 

Inspired by the spirit of New Orleans, I created this rich, yet uplifting, scent for our “Big Day” in the “Big Easy.” Guests signed a toasted oak barrel that we later filled with unaged whiskey in the hopes that, like the aging spirit, our relationship would become more complex, enjoyable and smoother with each passing year. This aroma embodies the sweetness of the moment of our event, and the distinctive warmth of New Orleans’ ambiance.

Approximate burn time:  

  • 8 oz: 50 hours
  • 3.5 oz: 25 hours


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