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Field on Chartreuse Botanical Artwork
Field on Chartreuse Botanical ArtworkField on Chartreuse Botanical Artwork



Product Information

Our covetable collection of mixed media pressed and dried botanical compositions, is a project borne from our farm in Stellenbosch, with the intent to preserve our farm’s botanical bounty beyond the summer months, to prolong the natural beauty and to experience in another form. As florists we see this as an extension of our craft as we are working with a familiar medium.

Upcycled picture frames are given a renewed appeal by painting them in modern monochromes, or just a light sanding to reveal the natural wood. French vintage linen and cotton is used as a background. The fabric takes on a new life through hand-dyeing, painting or silk screening process.

Pressed and dried plant material is either left its natural colour or lightly painted to enhance natural tones or create contrast. Selected elements are then carefully mounted to create unique, one of a kind compositions.


Size: 50 x 65cm

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