WASS only uses natural ingredients, no testing on animals, no parabens,

no synthetic artificial flavours and scents, no preservatives.

Good for the Environment. Good for you.

The skin requires different elements and care to breathe and heal.

WASS products support these elements with nourishing oil formulations and plant-based scents - taking a slow living approach - emphasising the importance to take time to reconnect with purpose to stay present within modern, fast-paced environments.

The majority of the skincare range is unisex, clear, and simple; natural healing remedies with holistic guidelines to finding your own balance within a modern lifestyle. All products are made locally and fresh - each order is hand wrapped and packed with great care and detail.

WASS - Skin food for all seasons.

There is absolutely no rule as to which seasonal product to use when each individual is unique. Your skin, your choice of which product gives you the results and benefits that you require.