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Studio Isobel Sippel

Studio Isobel Sippel was born out of a deep love for textiles and a simple desire to create beautiful objects. Each unique hand crafted piece is made with great attention to detail.


There is a certain amount of poetry in working with the best quality fabrics; it is a process of weaving together dreams and memories. This ancient artisanal craft of stitching together cloth to make something durable, but also beautiful, has become an art form labored and loved by many. As a young girl, Isobel loved spending her days in the local fabric store – and that’s how it all began.


Every aspect of the studio production is done in a homely way - painting and hand dyeing fabric in the kitchen, hours spent doing stitching by hand or sewing done in a studio surrounded by creative people. Not only do we do things close to home, we see our business as a family. Isobel’s two right hands, Sammy and Nadia, have been working with her for over two decades. Her daughters, Carla and Gabrielle are also frequently involved in the creative process. A business that started out of a kitchen – sales over a cup of tea – has now traveled to the homes of collectors all over the world.


Studio Isobel Sippel

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