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Serein Formulas


I started Serein Formulas in 2020, as I have long wanted to bring to market a product that serves you and our planet in a more holistic way. I deeply care about the environment and progressive business ethics.

Peter-John Alexander, Founder

So we have a big heart at Serein and we are very serious about our ingredients and packaging. We will continuously strive to make decisions that better our planet. We genuinely go to the end degree before releasing any product, often refining and tweaking a formulation many times to ensure a world class product.


We at Serein care, we really do and we are passionate about bringing high treatment products that are gentle on the planet.


The manufacturing facility has been at the forefront of the field for over 20 years and the shampoo bars have been perfected over a 2 year period. Made on an incredible machinery line we require no fillers such as stearic acid and other waxes. Our bars are hyper compressed resulting in an amazing high foaming bar.


Responsible sourcing of all our raw materials are guaranteed. We only use reputable suppliers, whom take the environment very seriously and do proper testing on all the products. The highest quality control standards are applied.


From us, to you with love.


Serein Formulas

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