M I N Z K O U  is an emerging brand that is inspired by the distinctive freedom of artistic expression seen on streets of North Williamsburg, Brooklyn and was born in New York. If there were a few words to define Minzkou that would probably be  ‘high-vibing’, ‘ cosmic ‘ , ‘cheerful’ and ‘ a New Yorker ‘ .

 The brand’s collections often incorporate nature motifs and themes into its pieces. It  believes in the cyclical relationship humans have with the Earth, and therefore has made sustainability a pillar of Minzkou’s company philosophy. By using cruelty-free silks, naturally dyed fabrics, and upcycled materials through ethical practices, Founder / Creative Director Seray SACAN  incorporates her eco-friendly ethos into each piece she designs. In addition to promoting sustainability, the brand is also known for its intricate weaving, high-level beading, knitting, and embroidery, most of which is done entirely by hand. That may be the reason why whoever tries on a Minzkou item their attitude changes completely right away because of experiencing  total boost  in confidence. Also the level of hand-craftsmanship is very high-end  that when people see hundreds/thousands of beads done by hand on an item, they feel intimidated even to touch.


Minzkou so far has grabbed an incredible attention and was featured in the most famous magazines  such as Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Brides, Vanity Fair and many others in U.S.A and in Europe. Minzkou, -in a short period of time- sparked a high level of interest in other platforms too such as fashion weeks. After its first appearance in New York Fashion Week on the runway, Minzkou was and has still been invited to fashion weeks worldwide such as Milan Fashion Week, London, Canada, Japan, UAE, New York and so many others. The growing attention to the Minzkou designs are on an unstoppable rise .Furthermore,  Minzkou receives endless invitations and attentions from creative artists such as Stylists, Influencers, Models, Creative Agencies, Stockists, Bloggers, Photographers  worldwide to be initiated with our Tribe and unsurprisingly  not to mention that many celebrities have been spotted wearing Minzkou! Minzkou started its journey of selling its designs on our website and selling in luxury boutiques  all over SoHo, Manhattan and from there still expanding its existence throughout the country and in Europe slowly.


Minzkou strongly believes that every single woman in this universe is unique, therefore  aim of Minzkou is to create designs and products that will remind them their own authentic uniqueness.   Having one-of-a-kind, unique designs, done in sustainable ways, in very brave colors with a luxurius touch creates a different vibe and a very magnetic aura around Minzkou. Minzkou thinks alll of this brave and daring style doesn’t have to belong to shows, events and runways only, it can be in deserts, streets, in  festivals and  in coffee shops while sipping a  matcha latte.


Minzkou is a fashion label believes in having power to create our own days, lives and perhaps our own universes as we like them to be. By expressing our  unique selves at the highest vibration possible such as through love, joy and kindness – without any expectation of the outcome-  we become part of  collective consciousness of humankind ,therefore, obtain a right in decisions on how we’d evolve as a civilization in the current time and space.  Therefore,  we are quite sure we can achieve this by expressing our individuality through unique clothes

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