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Lorne is the jewellery label of designer Gillian Lawrence, based in Cape Town, South Africa.
Lorne isn’t designed, it’s created: unplanned accidents inspired by the twists and turns of life.
Our pieces are mangled and misshapen, their beauty defined by their uniqueness. Warped and tangled brass, squeezed into an endless array of shapes. Knobbly and bulging freshwater pearls: precious minerals moulded by the elements in the mouths of oysters. Sketches and doodles in metal, as spontaneous as they are unrepeatable. Ornamental oddities found at junk sales or picked up on the street, hand-cast in brass and given new life.
Lorne recognises that all people are unique and believes the things that adorn our bodies should be too. Lorne doesn’t presume who you are, or try to mould you to our vision. This is not the kind of jewellery that will fulfil fantasies of a perfect life.
Lorne exists out of a commitment to the now, with all of its unpredictability and uncertainty. We believe that life and the world and the people that fill it are made beautiful by our imperfections and oddities. 





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