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Created as a sustainable solution to improve your health and the planet, LOCH is helping cut down on the 5.5 billion plastic bottles that are either littered, end up in a landfill, or incinerated every year.


Thanks to its chic, functional, and innovative design, LOCH ensures you are never without your reusable water bottle and never want to be. LOCH is a responsible, easy, and stylish way to ensure you stay hydrated.


LOCH comes in a variety of vibrant colors and convenient sizes: 420ml – 650ml – 900ml – 1200ml. Customize your bottle by choosing any of our 4 lids – regular lid, twist top lid for a high flow of water, eco-warrior stainless steel lid, and dual temperature hot and cold lid that helps contain your drink’s temperature for as long as possible.


Loch is not just a water bottle. It’s a lifestyle




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