KOIKOI Clothing

KOIKOI Clothing

KOIKOI was founded by two brothers who recognized the sensation of comfort and the colorful appeal of Kikoy. We set out to make a difference and add value to people’s everyday life with this unique and vibrant African fabric. We have combined this loosely woven fabric with bright yet elegant colours suited for anytime, any place.
 At KOIKOI we promote the casual yet elegant lifestyle. Our ethos is built of the foundation of a comfortable everyday life with a splash of color and hint of culture. We take pride in producing a sustainable range, made from organic kikoy fabric woven in the heart of Kenya and produced locally in Cape Town.

All Labels are made from cotton, it is a different cotton to that of the shorts but nonetheless they are eco-friendly and organic.

In-line with everything else KOIKOI, our swing tags are made from sustainable materials. Recycled paper, straw and nickel-free metal make up the composition of this item. We encourage customers to pull out the sheet inside the swing tag to read our unique story.
Our back pockets hide a special little detail, we have a custom KOIKOI coconut plate made from a piece of raw coconut. Each piece is unique and has our logo engraved.

The special detail Leather Toggles, are made from a cork substance and gives them the same look and texture as real leather but no animals were involved.

Start you day off with a smile, put on a pair of KOIKOI’s and enjoy the beauty of life!
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