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Julie Baby Punch Club

Illustrator Andel Olivier employed Nomvula “Julie Baby” Mxubane as her domestic worker and nanny, and during lockdown, when Olivier gave Mxubane some craft supplies, she realised just how talented she is. Especially with a punch-needle kit. This prompted Olivier to form a collective with some of local domestic workers (weavers, knitters, crocheters and the like).

Olivier initially did the majority of the designing, but the team members are increasingly expressing their own creativity and skill to execute mad cool pieces. Their work earned Julie Baby Punch Club grand prize in an Acer competition, which gave the women business training and a cash prize to equip themselves with laptops to help them run the operation.


These masterful pieces are fool-proof gifts, outright artworks, and will help (the now six) local craftswomen continue to supplement their income. 


Julie Baby Punch Club

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