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Innova Vital GmbH

Innova Vital GmbH with its head office in Grassau/Germany is an innovative company which works closely together with various research institutes. Not only do we work with the Medical Enzyme Research Society but also with other scientifically renowned institutes of various national and international clinics and universities (e.g. Grote Schuur Clinic - Cape Town, Mayo Clinic – Rochester).


Innova Vital GmbH is managed by experienced doctors and business persons who will continue to ensure that innovative ideas lead to product developments which offer well considered alternatives to traditional products.



The main exercise of Innova Vital GmbH is the development of new innovative products. Particular focus is laid on bioavailability and naturalness.


Our products are free from: gluten; colouring; genetic engineering; nanoparticles; iodine and heavy metals


Innova Vital GmbH

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