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The Baskiti Co

Baskiti is a beautiful range of handwoven hanging baskets, designed with purpose and design aesthetics in mind. A big focus has been placed on understated elegance which is clear in all Baskiti’s simple designs. The initial concept was inspired by the founder, Jana Leonard’s son, after he used all their vegetables as balls, she knew there had to be a simple solution – Baskiti was born.

Not long after, The Baskiti Co. welcomed their Baskiti accessories to the family which includes the Baskiti Wall Hook Range and Liners.

Jana Leonard (Founder ) -  It was during the 21 day Lockdown in South Africa that my 14 month old son felt he needed to embrace and fully express his ‘love for sports’ by using our potatoes, sweet potatoes and onions as balls! Originally it was actually very funny and we laughed it off. However after a few days we had squishy potatoes which to be honest, wasn’t very funny. I ended up removing the veggies from the standing tray because one can only say no so many times. Haha! In a search to find an alternative solution to what was a frustrating scenario I started chatting to a Malawian residing in Cape Town, about creating a hanging veggie basket which looks good, solves a problem, does a great job and creates a cool space in your home. I am very excited to introduce Baskiti to you. Baskiti offers the one basket every mom needs, from your kitchen to your crafts room or even baby’s room. There are so many uses for our Baskitis - you’ll want to find new open wall-space to hang them up! A great addition to the braai room, living area with an indoor plant, or perhaps outdoors under a lapa - our Baskiti range will allow you to have nice things, without your toddler thinking it’s ‘myne’. The word Baskiti loosely translates to Basket in Shona, the native language of our nanny, Jacqueline. She is such an inspiration to me and loves our Axel like he is her own and for that I will forever be grateful. Also, if it wasn’t for Lockdown I probably wouldn’t have come up with this concept so Thank You God, You always have a plan!


The Baskiti Co

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