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ACE was created with the willingness to offer women a "sporty chic" and functional bag to carry throughout the day without compromising the environment.


From friends and our own personal experience, we found it difficult to find a perfect combo, a bag to wear from early gym sessions to professional meetings, from the office to after work gatherings, or just to pack the essentials for a weekend trip. So we decided to offer a practical response to this necessity and design our "ideal" bag, a stylish and timeless accessory to stay ultra organized and to keep up with our demanding lifestyles. Our first model - the "iconic" tote bag- was born.


However, since fashion production and consumption have terrible environmental consequences, we decided that sustainable fashion was the right way, the only way, to set the basis of our new brand, with a conscience to inspire, engage and commit. This was a natural step for us, especially since we grew up in Sweden and Belgium where sustainable behaviors are parts of the national pride.


This is why our collection is based on the circular fashion model, with the eagerness to minimize waste and the use of new resources by employing recycled and recyclable materials such as fishing nets rescued from the ocean and other nylon waste.


ACE is the result of our friendship and shared passions for good design, nature, sport, adventures and a real concern for our environment.


Sandra & Anna

ACE Founders



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