How should you be looking after your skin when pregnant?

Here are some tips to encourage that pregnancy glow. Your skin undergoes some changes when you are pregnant. Here’s how to switch up your skincare routine to accommodate them.

By Helen Wallace, Beauty Content Creator

Our bodies undergo some drastic changes during the nine months of pregnancy. And it’s to be expected – there is a tiny human growing inside you, after all! Our skin is no exception. But while most people wait in anticipation for that coveted ‘pregnancy glow’, many people struggle with their skin while they are pregnant (and for some time afterwards). 

What to expect when you’re expecting

During pregnancy, our hormones are all over this place. This, in turn, can lead to changes in our skin. The three most-common problems experienced in pregnant women are dryness, acne and hyperpigmentation. 

While you might want to reach for some tried-and-tested skincare ingredients to tackle these issues, not all of them are safe to use during pregnancy. Retinol is an absolute no-no, as are high-grade salicylic acid, hydroquinone and chemical sunscreens. 

It is also advised that you strip your pregnancy skincare routine back down to basics. A three-step cleanse, serum and sunscreen or moisturiser will ensure that the fundamentals are addressed when it comes to keeping your skin healthy. 

Here are some safe swaps we recommend:

Skin feeling dry? 

Try the Cocogold Coconut Water Hydromist 

Sprouting spots? 

Try the Hey Gorgeous Banish & Repair Serum

What about the body?

While pregnancy can definitely take a toll on your face, what about the rest of the body and, more specifically, your growing belly? While studies have indicated that applying oils or lotions can’t prevent stretch marks, they are effective at reducing the itchiness many women experiences. 

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