Stone Essential Oil Diffuser | Biscuit
Stone Essential Oil Diffuser | Biscuit
Stone Essential Oil Diffuser | Biscuit
Stone Essential Oil Diffuser | Biscuit

Stone Essential Oil Diffuser | Biscuit

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A fragrant objet d'art, Appellation's stone essential oil diffuser is a subtle and stylish way to fill your space with natural aroma.

Simply add water and essential oils and at the touch of a button, the diffuser emits a fine aromatic mist, transforming any room into a self-care haven.

Biscuit has a warm, baked-earth terracotta colour that complements a bohemian aesthetic, creating an organic silhouette on any shelf in your lounge, home office, bedroom or nursery.

Pair with one of our signature wellness-enhancing aromatherapy essential oil blends to lift your mood, restore balance or simply create a calm, comforting, and beautifully fragrant home.

  • Minimalist design
  • Earthy terracotta colour
  • Whisper-quiet ultrasonic technology
  • Ceramic stone exterior 
  • Safe to use while sleeping

      *Oils sold separately


      • Ultrasonic technology disperses essential oils into the air in a fine, cool mist

      • Two modes: 9 hours continuous or 16-hour intermittent setting

      • Subtle LED light can be switched on or off

      • Automatically shuts off when water runs out

      • High-quality BPA-free plastic water reservoir


      Size & specifications

      Diameter: Ø86mm / 8.6cm

      Height: 180mm / 18cm

      Weight: 600g / 0.6kg

      Power: 12W, choose an appropriate power cable for your region


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