Why Less is More

A cluttered space can lead to a cluttered mind. Discover how creating a shift in your outer world can shift your inner one, abundantly.

By Nadia Gardner

Clutter can often translate into stagnant energy. For your energy to flow freely, clutter must be cleared. Your home is your relaxing retreat that supports your body’s rejuvenation. If it’s piled up with too much ‘stuff’, it can make you feel mentally overwhelmed with all the things that you’ve been putting off, but need to finish. This can potentially lead to stress-related illnesses, exhaustion or even chronic diseases. Clutter can easily spiral out of control, which makes it easy for us to become overly anxious and stressed.

Denise Linn, author of books Sacred Space and Secrets of Space Clearing, tells us to start your clutter-clearing by asking yourself: Do I love it? Do I use it? And if not, release it. 

Choose one room in your home and for every object that you see, ask yourself: does this empower me? Does it diminish me? Surround yourself with objects that make you feel vibrant and alive. And release objects that make you feel tired, lethargic, or depressed.

Pay particular attention to the center of your home. This is an area that in feng shui relates to your overall health and wellbeing. It should be clutter free and clean (especially if it’s a bathroom or if it’s unusually dark). Another significant place is your front door, which sets the energy of your entire house and should be clear of clutter. Check that your door opens freely and without any creaking sounds. Make sure that the very first thing you see when you enter your home is something that gives a feeling of health, vibrancy and vitality.

Cult favourite tidying expert and bestselling author Marie Kondo, has a simple but effective tidying method, ensuring you will never again relapse to clutter. 

She uses a unique selection criterion – choosing what speaks joy! You are not choosing what to discard but rather choosing to keep the items that speak to your heart. Through the simple act of tidying, you can reset your life surrounded by the people and things that you love the most. Voila! Just like magic. 

Here are some of our favourite home storage items…