No. 50 Soiree Noire
No. 50 Soiree Noire
No. 50 Soiree Noire
No. 50 Soiree Noire
No. 50 Soiree Noire
No. 50 Soiree Noire

No. 50 Soiree Noire

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The Scent:

Our latest bespoke fragrance, specifically  created for a black-tie celebration in New York City. 

A combination of floral, wood, and musk notes, this gender-neutral scent is inspired by an evening of black-tie revelry in the library of a private club. Cashmere wood and subdued musk ground this fragrance in warmth while top notes of black cassis and lemon twist contribute a vibrant freshness.

The Notes:

  • Top: sicilian lemon essential oil, black cassis, pear
  • Middle: lotus blossom, peony, turkish fresh rose petals
  • Base: cashmere wood, musk

The Memory:

A dimly-lit library, one long table adorned with ornate place settings, black roses, flickering candles, a pageantry of wine bottles; a jazz trio jamming seductive, Champagne corks popping, the roar of jovial discourse and laughter; sinuous body movement, vibrations, euphoria; scents of black cassis, rose, and cashmere wood—this is a black-tie affair, radiating within the confines of a private club and memorialized in this alluring fragrance.


The Ceramic Jar and our sustainable standards: 

Handmade in small batches at the historic Shuili Snake Kiln in Taiwan, where ceramics have been made for over a century, our artisanal clay jars can be repurposed once your candle has completed its journey.

Our mission is to help you cultivate new scent memories, which is why each candle includes a biodegradable paper dust cover infused with wildflower seeds. Plant it in damp soil and watch it blossom into an entirely new scent experience.

From recyclable boxes to certified compostable shipping materials, our packaging is 100% plastic-free.

Approximate Burn Time:

8 oz.: 50 hours



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