Natch - Natural Toothpaste Tablets

 Natch - Natural Toothpaste Tablets

Natch is a young sustainable oral care company founded in Berlin. We are reinventing toothpaste by harnessing the superpowers of Mother Earth in a tasty vegan tab.

Our toothpaste formulas are made with powerful ingredients packed with their natural plant anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and detoxifying properties bottled in a reusable glass jar. 

Natch Tabs are fortified with n-HAp (nano-hydroxyapatite), a non-toxic alternative to fluoride, which studies have shown to be equally effective in reminerilising your teeth and to reduce the risk of caries. The unique flavours Screaming Polar Bear, So Black, So White and Dr. Shaman are designed with an incredibly refreshing, naturally whitening or healing effect.

The Natch concept is about changing mindsets towards a healthier, sustainable lifestyle with an impactful and great product. We hope to inspire change one tablet at a time.

nHAp | Plastic free | Lab certified | Vegan | Cruelty Free | No Harsh Chemicals