“The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.” Hippocrates

My strong belief in body’s self-healing ability was the genesis for ALBIVA. Being diagnosed with a spinal tumour and undergoing extensive back surgery at the age of 28‚ I drew on this belief during my lengthy recovery. Conventional medicine was making me ill and so I looked towards natural remedies. I started looking at reducing the levels of toxins I put in and on my body and embracing organic as a way of life.

Growing up in the region of former Kingdom of Bohemia (Regnum Bohemiae®) I was introduced to the regenerative‚ healing and adaptive power of nature by my beloved grandmother Albina (Inspiration for the brand’s name ALBIVA. Alba also means clean‚ pure in Spanish) form a very early age.

My grandmother was a herbalist‚ who would rinse my hair with her home-made organic nettle rinse to make it thicker and shiny. After I suffered some nasty burns‚ she treated them with ointment from lily flower to prevent formation of scars. I remember fondly walking through fields with her teaching me to recognise plants and their medicinal properties‚ yarrow for healing wounds‚ dill for digestion‚ comfrey for skin irritations (I remember her using it on me for bites and acne)‚ and so on.

My love of science can be traced to my childhood. I was‚ however‚ always interested in the deeper understanding of things‚ not only how the body repairs a cut but also why does it speed up it’s healing after applying yarrow‚ or wild thyme. I studied biomedical sciences to understand better the biochemical processes of our bodies and briefly worked in microbiology laboratory‚ before ending up analysing and trading essential oils.

During my post surgery recovery and focus on regaining wellness‚ I realised being healthy isn’t a fad or a trend‚ but a lifestyle. The idea for ALBIVA was born and took a further 10 years to develop. I studied and took inspiration from Ayurveda‚ where the whole body is assessed to treat a problem. My idea was to create products that contribute to overall wellness of the body‚ to help restore balance‚ to nourish and heal.

As our largest organ‚ the skin is the most visible reflection of the state of person’s health. It is also a reflection of the nervous system‚ because it originates from the same embryonic tissue that gave birth to this system during gestation‚ and also has a connection with the digestive tract and kidneys. Skin is also crucial for eliminating toxins from our bodies.

I have therefore launched ALBIVA with focus on treating this largest organ through products that go beyond beauty and skincare. I set to create a next generation products that harness nature through science. Using purest natural and organic ingredients from sustainable sources.

Albiva has been awarded the Butterfly Mark by Positive Luxury for a company-wide commitment to sustainability.