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AW22: The beauty trends for Europe


The future of beauty: green is the new glam
The summit's collective efforts and our shared commitments towards sustainability offer hope and inspiration for a greener, more conscious beauty industry that aligns with the needs of both people and the planet.
5 After Sun Skin Care Tips
I think we can all agree that although avoiding the sun altogether might be the best option for your skin it’s not a very practical one, especially when you’re on a summer holiday. Let’s have a look at 5 Aftersun Care Tips that look after our skin and our souls this summer.
Top 10 Plain Tiger Beauty Bag Must Haves
Summer means vacations, swimming in the ocean and fun in the sun. These are all fabulous for the soul but can take a toll on skin and hair. Here are my top 10 Must Have Plain Tiger Beauty products for the summer to keep you looking and feeling your best.
Editor's Beauty Picks
This July, we see the Arabian sun-drenched days kick it up another level with the heat, prevailing winds and the onset of dust storms. As temperatures continue to climb and ACs on the go, we find ourselves reaching for new beauty artillery to keep summer at bay. Is anyone else sporting 3+ sets of unsolicited tan lines?
Spring Summer Beauty Trends To Try Now
Summer means beating the heat with smart styling and effortless attitude. Let’s have a look at the best hair and makeup trends to keep you cool for the summer, by international makeup artist, Raine Tauber.
Pick Me Up!
Looking for alternatives to stay energised without caffeine? Look no further than our very own Mother Earth. An abundance of natural ingredients can maintain balance and stamina throughout your day, without disturbing your sleep patterns. Simply wake up, enjoy nature’s rich energy sources, and go!
Met Gala Beauty Breakdown
The most glamorous event in the fashion calendar has come and gone, let's have a look at some of the best hair and makeup looks from the first Monday in May by international makeup artist, Raine Tauber.
Beauty Inspiration for Coachella and the festival season
It's almost that time of the year again! If you're looking forward to Coachella (or any festival) then here's some amazing hair and makeup inspiration and a handy beauty survival guide by international makeup artist, Raine Tauber.
Health and Wellness Experiences to Elevate You
Immersing ourselves in practices to care for our minds and bodies can inspire us to overcome limitations and discover our true potential. Whether it be meditation or healing therapies, empower yourself with tools and techniques to help you live your best life.
AW22: The beauty trends for Europe
Fashion month is finally over, and it's been a rollercoaster of a ride. It can be hard to look at beautiful shows when so much is wrong with the world, but let's use it as a moment of respite & gratitude. Jump into the AW22 beauty trends for London, Milan & Paris with seasoned international makeup artist Raine Tauber.
The Four phases of menstruation
Our bodies are a part of nature. A woman’s menstrual cycle is a potent reminder of this fact; it has four seasons and moves with the moon. Discover more...
Skinimalism: Embracing this approach for optimum skin health and happiness
Skin Minimalism or Skinimalism, is so much more than simplifying your skincare routine. It represents a new wave of informed consumers, that are savvy about ingredients and how products interplay with one another, to achieve optimal skin results.
AW22: The beauty trends so far
AW22 is gearing up to be a season of individuality. Showcasing diversity in ethnicity, ages, sizes, and looks on a single runway - a celebration of self in all its glory. With international makeup artist Raine Tauber, let's dive into the hottest hair and makeup trends straight off the New York and Copenhagen runways.
Make this the Month of Self-Love
Enter the month of love – the time of year traditionally reserved for spoiling loved ones and expressing gratitude for the people in our lives. 2022, however, hits differently. We’re promoting self-care because all the good feelings you can have for anyone else starts within yourself.
Skin Deep with the Beauty Banker
Deep dive into the world of skincare with expert tips from one of the best beauty aficionados in the banking business, Sandy Fernando.
4 Festive Eye looks to try this holiday season.
Raine Tauber runs us through her four favourite beauty trends for the festive season that are easy to try and fun to wear.
Exploring The Art of Perfumery
Scents & Sensibility - The World of Niche Fragrances. A fragrance takes you back to a memory so personal; it almost allows you to travel in time. As the world moves towards a ‘less is more' approach to goods, we are fortunate to experience the true concept of niche perfumes.
Championing UAE Beauty Brands
This year’s UAE National Day celebrations sees the beautiful Emirates turning a milestone 50. And what better way to honor our hometown than by pampering ourselves with holistic mists, citrusy scents, and cruelty-free makeup buys that are made right here in Dubai? The perfect way to #supportlocal this year.
Alexandra’s Beauty Edit
We talk to the co-founder of Plain Tiger, and beauty enthusiast Alexandra Baillie about her favourite beauty finds - bought, tested and recommended to her friends and family. Grab a cup of tea, you won’t want to miss this!
Free Radicals and their link to ageing
Free Radicals exist in our environment and are found in the food, water and medicines we take. Your body produces them as a byproduct of your metabolism and as part of the natural ageing process. The air we breathe, and our friend Mr Sun is also a culprit, but here are steps to start the prevention and curing process.
All you need to know about Crystal & Gem infused beauty care
Self-care, grounded in traditional & spiritual practices, has increased in popularity. We are seeing a growing awareness of crystals and their benefits, and now this extends to your beauty routine. Discover Crystal & Gem infused beauty care and the benefits of incorporating these into your beauty and skincare routine.