Aqua Leaf Cleanser
Aqua Leaf Cleanser
Aqua Leaf Cleanser
Aqua Leaf Cleanser
Aqua Leaf Cleanser
Aqua Leaf Cleanser

Aqua Leaf Cleanser

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The cleanser assists with the removal of dust and impurities, supports natural shine, locks in moisture, and helps house plants thrive. Contains Aomori Hiba Essensia ™, an ancient oil from Northern Japan, renowned for its antimicrobial properties, and coconut oil. 

Why the Cleanser is so special

Known as the ‘tree of life’ for its lifespan and endurance *Thujopsis dolabrata*, the Hiba cypress, is the sole member of the genus and only found in Japan. Our essensia comes from Aomori Prefecture, where the insecticidal and fungicidal essential oil is steam distilled from the wood.

Coconut oil disrupts insect pests’ gas exchange (respiration), cell membrane function or structure. It makes leaves less attractive to feed on because the pests don’t like the oil-covered leaf surface. This mode of action is more physical than chemical, and is short-lived so repeated application is needed to prevent pests. Coconut oil revives natural shine in leaves and has Natural antimicrobial properties.

Our organic yucca extract contains naturally occurring compounds, saponins, named for their ability to form stable, soap-like foams in aqueous solutions. Saponins help to break the surface tension on plant leaves, allowing the formulation to spread and clean leaves.

How to use

Pores in leaves (stomata) open widest when plants are photosynthesising hard under strong light conditions. For best results, use while plants are still half-asleep.


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