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Viva Lily Cup – Size B
Viva Lily Cup – Size BViva Lily Cup – Size BViva Lily Cup – Size B

Viva Lily


Product Information

Viva Lily menstrual cups are made from medical grade silicon and are completely safe for your body. Unlike tampons, the Cup collects your menstrual flow, keeps your PH Value exactly as it should be, and doesn’t cause any dryness or irritation. When placed correctly it’s so comfortable you won’t be able to feel it at all. You can even use the cup before your period arrives…just in case.


Using a Menstrual Cup reduces your period waste and supports a cleaner, healthier planet. One cup is all you need for your entire period. The Cup gives you long lasting protection, even on your heaviest days, and one cup lasts for 10 years, helping you save money.


Includes one cup, one carry bag and one instruction leaflet.


Details and Care

Size A: is recommended for younger girls and a light to average flow. It holds 15 ml of menstrual blood which is equivalent to 2 regular tampons.

Size B: is recommended for a medium to heavy flow. It holds 20 ml of menstrual blood which is equivalent to 3 regular tampons.

How does it work?

Once inserted the Cup “pops” open and forms a seal with the wall of the vagina. Menstrual blood falls naturally from the uterus into the cup and is held there until the cup is removed and emptied. 

How to Use


Before using your cup sterilise in boiling water, 1 parts vinegar to 9 parts water, or a suitable sterilising solution.


Fold your cup in half or use the punch down method t fold the cup (more details on insert)


With the Menstrual Cup still folded, gently insert the cup, aiming towards your back and upwards (not vertically), to a comfortable position just inside your vagina.

Once inserted you shouldn’t be able to feel the cup and you can leave it in place for up to 10 hours or overnight, depending on your flow.


Pinching the base of the cup to release the seal, gently draw the cup down from its base, not the tail.


During the day you can simply empty and reinsert the cup or rinse it with water before reinserting. We recommend washing your cup at the end of the day.

At the end of each cycle sterilise your Cup as you did in Step 1.

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